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ManLace in ManTown

You may recall that last week, when I showed you the blocking photos of Hypotoneuse, I told you I had a special photo shoot planned for the weekend. Never one to disappoint my readers, I traveled all the way to Gettysburg, PA, to have Dale pose with the new ManLace. Okay, well, we may have been going anyway for Remembrance Day, but still, I didn’t let you down.

These photos were all taken in front of the Michael Jacobs house on Middle Street. We had a special purpose in finding this house because Michael Jacobs was the great-great-I don’t know how many great-grandfather of my good friend Judy. He was a Professor at Gettysburg College and actually published the first account on the Battle of Gettysburg. He was also a recorder of weather conditions. All the information we have about the weather and temperature during the battle of Gettysburg comes from Professor Jacobs. Pretty slick, I think.

Speaking of slick, check out these photos of Dale wearing his ManLace.

ManLace with a Union Army uniform. A Captain, no less. It doesn’t get more manly than that.

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  1. Can you believe I haven’t been there? Hypotenuese is fantastic and Dale wears it well. Perfect setting, thanks Carol for the pictures.

  2. Dale is the perfect model – he strikes an uber-fabulous pose.
    The scarf is great and looks perfect with his uniform.

  3. Wow. The manlace is really great — as is the man, or so I’ve heard. ; ) I love that bit of history about Judy and her granddad and the weather, too — I’m anxious to share that with my history buff nephews!

  4. UMMMM, there is somthing about a man in Civil War garb that makes me wrongfully achey. (I just found pictures on the web of an ex who does ACWR, and *mrow* ~)
    The man lace is stunning!

  5. Good lord, a uniform AND man lace. Thank heaven’s that uniform is the ‘wrong’ color for a good Southern girl like me or I might say something foolish here. 🙂

  6. Thanks Carole. Great pictures and what a wonderful model. I can’t wait to forward these to my father. He will get a real kick out of seeing his great grandfathers house.

  7. You gotta love a man in a uniform….Dale looks GREAT! That scarf is perfect for his uniform! I can’t wait to get some yarn to give one a try 🙂

  8. Oh it looks WONDERFUL with his uniform. I love Gettysburg. I actually have family in Carlisle, PA, which has a lot of good Civil War stuff too!

  9. Great pictures! I showed them to Bob, who said that he can’t wear man lace because he doesn’t have a uniform…………….maybe he needs one!

  10. The manlace is nice. Although I will have to forgive him for being a Yankee 😉 Did you manage to stop in at Wool in the Woods while you were in Gettysburg? They are right up the road.

  11. Most excellent, the man and the lace.

    Did I ever tell you about our family’s trip to Gettysburg? The kids were very excited, especially interested in Little Round Top and the Devil’s Den. After the second day, they were looking at souvenirs, when Eldest asked me if we’d had any family fight at Gettysburg. I allowed as how we did. “Yes, and we won,” he said.

    “No … any family we had here were fighting for the Confederacy (North Carolina and Virginia).”

    It was an important lesson in the brother-against-brother nature of the Civil War.

  12. Great pictures, and what a great husband Dale is for posing so wonderfully for them. I’ll say it again–Jim needs to take lessons from him.

    So, was the weather for the actual Battle of Gettysburg as horrifically steamy as it always seems to be for the reenactment of the Battle of Gettysburg? Or is the modern day sauna just for the hapless reenactors?

  13. I love a blogger that goes above and beyond for a good photo! (You can claim you were “going anyway” but still!) The manlace looks fabulous with Dale’s uniform.

  14. The man-lace is amusing me, more than I can say (the idea of it only, Dale pulls it off with much … manliness.) And too cool about Judy’s great-great-great…. ancestor-guy.

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