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What I Learned This Weekend

I’ve got random bits to tell you about so I’m borrowing a page from JessLu’s play book and doing a “What I Learned This Weekend” post.

*I learned that charity knitting, while great for the soul, isn’t so great for producing exciting blog posts. Do you really want to see yet another Red Scarf? I didn’t think so. But, just in case, here it is, one finished red scarf.
I’ve got yarn for another one but at the moment I’m knitting a hat for Christmas At Sea.

*I learned that I can get my house decorated for Christmas in less than 4 hours. It looks a bit like Christmas threw up all over the place. I’m happy.

*I learned that online shopping is much better than dealing with the crowds at the malls and big box stores. Of course, when the garland that goes over the kitchen window is missing (how does a garland of greens and lights go missing, anyway?) it means a trip to the big box craft store is in order despite the best of online shopping intentions.

*I learned that Bobby is a wonderful film. Emilio Estevez did a brilliant job with this picture. Go see it.

*I learned that spinning thick yarn is harder than spinning fine yarn. But I managed to successfully spin two Grafton Fiber batts into bulky yarn. See?

*I learned that I can spin sock yarn. Here’s my finished “Twist and Shout” Superwash Merino Roving from Crown Mountain Farms.
That’s 550 yards, plenty for socks!

*I learned that going back to the YMCA after a 4 month absence is a good thing. You know what’s not so good, though? Pushing yourself to do the same number of repetitions with the same amount of weight that you were doing 4 months ago. Perhaps I should have eased back into the routine a bit more slowly. Ahem.

Finally, I learned that hanging out at home with nothing special to do, is a really good thing.

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  1. ohboy I am so behind in my blogreading…looks like you learned alot ;o)

    I started working out again, too. And couldn’t walk for two days afterward…ugh.

    Your spinning is beautiful – as always!

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