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Handspun, Handknit

Dale and I took a walk the other day and I promised Judy I’d write about it today in honor of Walk With Me Wednesdays. We tromped our way “down back” to the woods and it felt great to get outside and enjoy the fall air together. I had an ulterior motive, though. I wanted photos of our new scarves.

Dale’s scarf is knit lengthwise in garter stitch. The yarn is all my handspun, except for the dark blue tweed which is some leftover Peace Fleece. This was a great way to use up all those odd skeins I made when I first started spinning. The length is perfect, the colors are all his favorites and he loves it, as you can see.

My scarf is the Chevron Scarf from Scarf Style and it’s also knit with my handspun. This is a batt that I bought from Indigo Moon at Cummington last May. I separated out all the colors and then I just spun them randomly and Navajo plied the singles. I wore it at Rhinebeck so I know you’ve already seen several pictures of it. But you don’t know about a really cool experience I had while wearing it there. I was in the Indigo Moon booth and the owner recognized my scarf as having come from one of her batts. She was very excited to see how it turned out and said how nice it was to see an actual finished project. I felt really good about it right then, let me tell you.

And my fingerless mitts are the Voodoo wristwarmers from Knitty. Also with my handspun. I believe this was some Ashland Bay merino that I bought at one of my first spinning lessons. They are soft and warm and perfect for the cool-ish days we are having right now.

I’m here to tell you: knitting with my handspun is fabulous! I may never buy yarn again.

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  1. Lovely winter wear. Now, please, don’t go on and on about the handspun. I am thisclose to spinning and it’s a bridge I can’t afford to jump off at this point;) But boy do I want to. It looks beautiful and must feel like such an accomplishment.

  2. I especially like the scarf you did for Dale- the colors work so well together and they look fabulous knit lengthwise. It’s not my favorite way to knit a scarf but it sure does look amazing!

  3. I don’t blame you! Very nice. It’s amazing that someone would recognise their batt, finished an knitted. Pretty darned cool.

  4. lovely handspun handknits. and you guys look great. great photos.

    thanks for showing these because now it’s given me ideas for what to do with my bits of handspun …. you know when i actually get it spun. haha

  5. Both scarves are lovely, and such a good way to use up small amounts of yarn. I think they would also make great Christmas gift ideas, too.

  6. Handspun is the best! I just love these pictures of you and Dale…..I can see how much fun you were having 🙂

  7. Great photos. Your scarves are wonderful. I love the Rhinebeck story.
    I must get that drop spindle that I bought at Rhinebeck out and start working on my spinning. I’ve got a long way to go before I reach your skill level. But perhaps someday!

  8. Never buy yarn? Did you just type those words???
    ; )

    Lovely projects, Carole. I love your excitement and happiness with them.

  9. “I may never buy yarn again.” Hahahahahha! Yeah right! You are so full of it.

    Dale makes a great model, the colors in that scarf are perfect for him!

  10. I’m glad you are enjoying knitting with your handspun so much. I agree that it is awesome! Both scarves came out great! Fun pictures! I enjoyed seeing how your batt from Indigo Moon came out because I have a batt from them too.

  11. Those are some really nice pictures, Carole! Dale’s handspun scarf is gorgeous. I love those ‘railroad’ scarves… Here’s the kicker. I saw a lady wearing that scarf at Rhinebeck and noticed it because I’ve been wanting to make one… Sheesh! Guess it was you, huh?

  12. Beautiful! And from a spankin’ new spinner, I am inspired! Not that I’m at the “never buy yarn” point, but I will start knitting the stuff I have spun so far… maybe a few skiens to friends for Christmas presents?

  13. Pass the smelling salts! Carole may never buy yarn again! I’ve got the vapors!

    You know I love the Carole and Dale pics. So great.

  14. That is so cool that the batt-maker recognized the wool in your scarf! Both scarves are wonderful. I love looking at the fringe on Dale’s: all those different plies.

  15. First off… nice walk. The two of you look wonderful in your umm.. walking outfits. Have I said you have the “best” jackets?? The scarves are beautiful. It is so rewarding to use handspun, no one else can have the same effect. Yours are perfect! I am so inspired.

  16. great photos – that Dale is such a ham :-)I am glad to see that he also got some nice photos of you too !
    I think your handspun is wonderful – and I agree completely. There is nothing quite as nice as knitting with something you spun yourself. How cool that Indigo Moon got to see the amazing scarf you made. It’s very lovely.

  17. Okay, I’m beginning to see the virtues of spinning……….but, I’m still not ready for a wheel…..

    Those are absolutely lovely pictures!!!! You both could have an alternate career as outdoor models!

  18. I like making yarn better than buying yarn. But some patterns you just have to buy the yarn for, you know?

    I do love that scarf you made from the Indigo Moon batt.

  19. Both your scarves look lovely :o)

    I just finished 1/2 a pair of handspun socks and I’m feeling the same way – why buy yarn when you can make it? ;o)

  20. you put me to shame! I have all these loner skeins of handspun hanging out in the stash. I love the horizontal scarf! That’s the perfect thing for loner skeins. And your scarf too! Love all the colors!

  21. you put me to shame! I have all these loner skeins of handspun hanging out in the stash. I love the horizontal scarf! That’s the perfect thing for loner skeins. And your scarf too! Love all the colors!

  22. Knitting with and actually USING your own handspun is incredible! Beautiful scarfs … scarves… whatever they are – just BEAUTIFUL Carole!! I like how yours came out and I’m sure it was such a cool experience to have the lady recognize her own colorway. 🙂

  23. I love that garter stitch scarf. I think that’s a great way to use of scraps of yarns leftover from other projects. Hmm, might be a new project coming up for me. I feel more and more a need to get rid of all these scraps. I love the chevron scarf you’ve made for yourself. Quite lovely!

  24. You know how I feel about handspun and my lack of the “sheep to shawl” gene but these are so pretty you just might change my mind Carole! I especially love that scarf cause I’m a chevron girl thru and thru!

  25. Can we … um… remind you that you said that, about buying yarn? (Seriously, great projects and you look justifiably proud in the pictures. Plus, Dale looks extremely appreciative – always nice to have someone loving what you love to make.)

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