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Social Butterflies

ETA: I put a picture of my Halloween costume at the bottom of this post just to make you all happy

This past weekend was a very sociable one for my family.

Dale’s cousin’s daughter got married on Saturday evening and the family gang was there in full force. It was a beautiful ceremony in a very old church. And the reception at The Atlantica was fabulous. We had a wonderful time eating, talking and dancing. And I might have consumed a martini or three.

Sunday was my (step)grandson’s Patrick’s birthday party hosted at Dale’s brother’s home. There were kids and grown ups and lots of fun for everyone. The kids played old-fashioned games and had a candy hunt in the backyard.

And now today is Halloween and that means more fun for the family. It means American Chop Suey for dinner, a family tradition since I was a little girl. And it means we get to see those adorable grandchildren again. Sadly for Hannah this year it does not mean trick or treating. She’s decided, somewhat reluctantly, that she’s just a little too old now, so instead she’ll be at home, handing out the candy. Of course this means that Dale and I can relax and watch scary movies on television instead of jumping up and answering the door every 5 minutes.

Happy Halloween, everyone! Watch out for those little goblins. And because you’re asking, here’s my Halloween costume for today:

I’m feeling a little horny.

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  1. What a wonderful weekend! I agree with Becky, the pic of you and Dale is great.
    Tell Hannah that handing out candy can be nearly as much fun as trick-or-treating. I love to watch the kids in their costumes, stuffing their bags full of candy. Happy halloween!

  2. Cute socks. And fun weekend. You are glowing in the picture with Dale. So, while in Cohasset, did you stop at the Creative Stitch? 🙂

  3. We just don’t get kids any more. There are tons of parties in our neighborhood and they party hop all night. The bride is beautiful and the kids are all darling. Enjoy your Halloween. Did you wear a costume to work?

  4. That is a great pic of you and Dale! BTW, are you dressing up for work? Looks like we’ll be laying low today since all three kids are snotty and cranky — damn germs!

  5. Sounds and looks like a wonderful weekend. That Dale has a great smile – lucky you!! Better keep your horns hidden….

  6. Those horns look remarkably natural on you….just saying…..

    It looks like we will be trick or treating in the rain tonight. And remember, we have some major hills out here. Guess all that exercise means I get first pick of the candy!

  7. Congrats to Dale’s daughter and new son-in-law!! Looks like a lovely wedding.

    Heh, the horns do look quite natural…

  8. you horny devil you …
    i seem to be two weeks behind on everything so of course i didn’t bother to dig out any halloween decorations or carve pumpkins or find a costume. i’ll be lucky if i’m home in time for the neighborhood goblins and ghouls.

  9. Glad you had a great time this weekend. Hannah needs to learn the fine art of taking younger kids out with her, then you are never to old (of course this is from the girl that went trick-or-treating well into high school)

    Love the horns!

  10. HA! I love this Carole! The children are all so adorable – your COSTUME is *teehee* CUTE! And the picture of you with Dale – just beautiful. 🙂

  11. Nice costume ;o)

    Dobby’s wearing her birthday tiara a few days early…she stopped trick-or-treating a few years ago, but now she brings her little half-sisters around at her bio-father’s. We don’t get visitors here, which is very disappointing :o(

  12. I wish I had someone at home to answer the door every 5 minutes for me tonight. Hubby somehow manages to work late every Halloween.
    I bet Dale likes your costume!

  13. Poor Hannah. I think I stopped doing the trick or treat thing in 8th grade too. I missed it but I really liked seeing all the little kid’s costumes and trying to scare some of them.

    Nice horns, impy!

  14. Happy Halloween! I love your costume! I hope you enjoy your movie.
    We too are nearing the end of our trick or treating days. I’ll be sad when it ends. It’s such a fun holiday, and our house is a little too remote for anyone to come to our door. 🙁 This year at least we still have costumes.

  15. You sure have had a full calendar the last few weeks, but are looking no worse for the wear!

    If the horns fit…. 😉

  16. LOL-We do the same thing! Meg’s too old too, so watch scary movies & give out candy in our jammies! Nothing like a nice wedding and birthday to really life the spirits. Martinis help too…

  17. What a terrific, happy photo of you and Dale. The other ones were great too… Happy Halloween. I am the one that dresses up every year and hands out candy, while DH puts on scary music, etc… helps to have a Gothic house, already haunted-looking and next to a cemetery as well:)

  18. I love that photo of you and Dale on the top left of your post. It’s great! You look soooo happy and full of joy. hurray!
    and your costume – heh heh, watch out Dale!

  19. Looks like a good time! I had my day-after-wedding brunch at the Atlantica. I really don’t remember the food but do remember the bloody mary’s were delicious!

    Great horns!

  20. The photo of you both is absolutely perfect! Make sure & get that one framed!

    ooohhhh…you’re so wicked! I’m definitely going to get a pair of horns for next year!

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