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Meme and Ping

So there’s this guy with a blog and he’s asking for help in the Name of Science. See, he’s presenting a paper at MLA about how meme’s circulate around the blogosphere. I saw this over at Cate’s and told her I’d play along. I also told her I’d get all you guys to play along to. All you have to do is write something about this on your blog, link to the project, and then ping over here and you’re done. Simple, right? I’m sure the whole thing is way more complex than this but, whatever, I’m no scientist or linguist or professional blogger. I’m just another knitter with a blog. And we’re a mighty force to be reckoned with, ya know.

And just so you don’t think you came over here for nothing, howzabout a meme? Anne wrote a fun post a while ago about the things she sees while driving to and from work. In a flash of brilliance (or desperation for something to blog about) I thought this would make a fun meme.

So, here they are, the 5 most amusing/unusual/weird things I have seen while going to work and the frequency with which I have seen them:
1. sheep – every day
2. deer – sometimes
3. turkeys – frequently
4. red tail hawk – almost every day
5. pheasant – rarely

Will you play along? Tell me what you see while driving to work. And don’t forget about the blog project up there at the top of the post! Thanks, guys.

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  1. deer – until I cross the state line
    corn – everywhere
    rabbits – always trying to play chicken
    combines – trying to get the crops off before the next rain
    stars – it is always dark on my way

  2. I wish Bloglines would PING! (That’s a mini rant.)
    My drive is too short to be very interesting. How wonderful to see the wildlife!

  3. Hmm.
    1) Nose-picking (every morning)
    2) Taunting/harrassing teenagers (a few times)
    3) Dodgy drivers hopping through traffic (why do think it will get them there faster?)
    4) Funny business slogans (once-“Quick Erections That Stay Up!”)
    5) Dense Fog (on occasion. pretty creepy)

  4. LOL at Dale’s comment!

    egrets – occasionally (summer)
    cars on fire – twice (in 10 years)
    funky light display/show on the Target building downtown – frequently (winter)
    fox – once
    red tail hawks – rarely

  5. hmm, driving to work (if you include going down our long driveway) everyday I see
    1. cashgora goats (every day)
    2. shetland sheep (every day)
    3. Llamas (every day at a neighbors)
    4. eagles (almost every day)
    5.elk (about once or twice a year they cross the road)

    as for the other science project thing – ping, post and links?? hmmmm, too technical for this farm girl 🙂

  6. Hmmm…seeing as I just roll out of bed and am at work, it is usually my room. I’ll have to think on the meme though. Lucky you seeing sheep everyday!

  7. I have to do this one…………

    1. Various vehicles running red lights
    2. At least 20 Starbucks stores
    3. Pigeons
    4. Middle fingers up in the air
    5. Turning vehicles without any turn signals.

  8. 1. Deer several times a week
    2. bear cubs each spring.. they are so cute
    3. splendid river.. not on everyone’s commute and can’t let it get ordinary
    4. turkeys in fall and winter
    5. stunning fall foliage each year
    I’ll see if I can make the ping thing work…

  9. 1. A crow trying to fly off with a dead rat. No kidding.

    2. A Great Dane with foaming saliva.

    Those were two really gross memories.

    3. A giggle of girls walking to school.

    4. Cruise ships in port.

    5. Some brilliant winter sunrises.


  10. Hey, I haven’t forgotten your meme. I’ve just been thinking about anything interesting at all that I see on the way to work. It’s churning around my brain.

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