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Fear Factor

Teyani left the 10,000th comment last night at 7:26 pm. Thank you all for every comment. Your encouragement, advice, and support is so important to me. Not to mention the wise cracks and sarcasm. Heh.

So. I thought I was afraid of cables. Turns out that fear was all in my head. Behold the progress on Dale’s Cable Moss Vest.


That is the back almost to the point of the armhole decreases. This cable knitting with worsted weight yarn (Classic Elite Skye Tweed, in case you’re wondering) goes pretty durn fast.

I got lots of hints and help, including a fabulous cable needle from Maryse and some real-time positive reinforcement on the difficulty of memorizing cable symbols from Martha. Lois gave me what is perhaps the best hint of all, though. She told me to color the chart with colored pencils. So, I colored the symbols in the key to match the symbols on the chart.


Isn’t it pretty? And it’s so easy to read now. It really really takes the confusion right out of those scary symbols.


I’m showing you a close up because I’m just so damned proud of myself and the conquering of the cable fear factor. Now if you could all just cross your fingers that I don’t run out of yarn.

Fear Factor. It’s not just about cables anymore.

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  1. It looks fantastic! The color-coded chart is genius. I need to do that as sometimes I get right-left correct, and sometimes, not so much; but I can always tell blue from yellow.

    I predict you will become a cabling fiend.

  2. It looks wonderful! Color coding the chart is really helpful to me too. I’m lucky if I remember my name most days…never mind anything else.

  3. I LOVE cables. Your progress looks superb!
    I also do the coloring of the charts. Plus, it’s fun to color with markers!

    Looking forward to seeing it all done!

  4. Yay for you! I knew you could do it and would probably enjoy it. And it looks fantastic, is Dale excited about wearing it yet? If it was Mr. C he’d already be thinking about the photo shoot :o)

    BTW, do tell about your fancy cable needle. I use the Brittany ones and am a bit curious…you know it’s one of those grass is greener things!

  5. woo hoo – 10,000 comments is indeed impressive! (and sheer luck that it was me. hah!)
    the cables are fabulous – don’t you just love them!!
    color-coding… brilliant idea. I’ll have to try that one. Congrats on mastering this fun technique.

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