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While certainly not as exciting as finding a lost hiker, the astute among you will understand that the title of this post signifies the return of the lost mittens. Can I get a woo? And while we’re at it, how about a hoo?

The credit for the find is two-fold. Vicki suggested looking under the seats of the car. I had already done that, but I had only looked in the Jeep. Dale, always my hero, looked in the Suburban, and there they were, crammed between the two front seats.


And just in time, too, since we actually had a teeny bit of snow on Monday morning.

The return of the mittens meant really only one thing, though.


Now I shall have some pie. Chocolate cream pie, in fact, to match the mittens.



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  1. That mitten is SO beautiful—and the chocolate pie—WOW!

    Hey, my emails to you keep getting returned as undeliverable. Have you been having server problems?

  2. “You’ve found you mitten? You good little kitten! Now you may have some pie!” That was one of my favorites as a kid. Mostly because I was always losing things, an my Mum would say that to me when/if I found the lost article. But, I never actually got any pie. Hmmmm….

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