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Oscar Night 2007

Last night was Oscar night, a regular holiday at my house. As I’ve said before, this is MY superbowl. By 6 PM we were ready.


We had filled out our ballots.


We had champagne and shrimp, candles and bling.


We had dressed for the occasion.

I think Ellen Degeneres did a fabulous job as hostess – the best since Billy Crystal, frankly. The dresses went from the sublime – Helen Mirren – to the ridiculous – Penelope Cruz, but that’s what makes it so much fun to watch.

As for our predictions, I scored 9, Hannah scored 7, and Dale scored 5. I pride myself on being the real film buff of the family but Dale beat me on Best Picture. I guess he’s been paying attention after all!

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  1. What a fun tradition! I stopped watching the Oscars about when I stopped going to the movie theatres, but I did do a little surfing this morning to see some of the outfits.

  2. Oh, gosh, I remember this from last year – It is just so cool that you dress up! All you need is a red carpet!!!!
    Hannah looks gorgeous!

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