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The Ides of March

It’s a well-known fact among my family and friends that I hate the month of March. It’s a long and cold and miserable month. There are no work holidays to break up the monotony. There is still snow and ice. And if there isn’t snow and ice there is mud. And, for the cherry on top of this pity-party sundae, my mom died in March. I think my hatred of March is justified, don’t you?

However, a conversation I’ve been having with Margene has led me to look for things to like about March instead of focusing on the things I hate about it. Maybe, just maybe, if I focus on the positive, even March can become bearable. So, I hereby present . . .

The CaroleKnits Top 10 Things To Like About March

10. The goldfinches are starting to turn from olive green back to vibrant yellow. I observed this firsthand at the bird feeder this morning.
9. The red wing blackbirds are back! While I haven’t observed this firsthand, I have it on good authority from my sister-in-law Mary, that they have indeed been spotted around town. It’s only a matter of time before I hear their glorious chirp myself.
8. March is Women’s History Month. This may sound dorky but I love women’s history.
7. St. Patrick’s Day. I’m not Irish but any occasion which encourages me to eat corned beef and drink copious amounts of Guinness is one I’m happy to celebrate.
6. Margene’s birthday is in March. The only thing that’s almost as good as a birthday of your own is the birthday of a dear friend.
5. March Madness. I’m a huge fan of women’s college basketball and it’s on constantly this month and that makes me happy.
4. Sock Madness. I’ll have wonderful new sock patterns to entertain me while I watch all that basketball this month.
3. Daylight Savings Time starts in March this year. Longer days are definitely something to celebrate.
2. I will most likely be able to roll up the rear window in the Jeep before the month is over.
1. The arrival of Spring. It’s my favorite season, you know.

Granted, all the things I really want to experience, like the true warmth of spring and blooming flowers and sheep and wool festivals are still yet to come, but they are only just around the corner, I suppose. Maybe March isn’t so bad after all.

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  1. March is Mud Season in Vermont and there’s going to be a lot of it this year! On the bright side, it’s a great time to plan a vegetable garden and think of warm sun and greenery (and I will have my first full-size garden this year, so I’m happy) and, although this probably isn’t quite that universally wonderful, my birthday is smack dab ON the Ides of March.

    We’ll get through it!

  2. I always dread March….we usually have a few big snow storms up here and then mud like you have never seen…. Mud & dog=ick. Daylight savings early though is something to smile about and maybe I will start some plants for the garden inside this year 🙂

    and the birds…………I love the morning I wake up and hear that they have finally come home again 🙂

  3. I don’t hate March. But I love your list of good things about March.

    I DO hate March winds…even in this “sunny south” have NEVER been able to fly kites in March b/c it’s too darn cold!

    But…getting through March gets us closer to warmth! Spring & Fall are my favorite seasons.

  4. Yeah, I agree. I could skip over this entire month and be happy with it. Wake up to budding bulbs and brighter mornings.

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