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Forgotten Knitting

One day a couple of weeks ago I left the sock in progress sitting on my desk when I went home for the day. Arrrgh. At the time the sock was my mindless knitting project since the only other thing on the needles was the Cable Moss Vest. What’s a knitter to do?

Whip up a couple of dishcloths, of course.


Here we have two new dishcloths from the ever-popular and oh-so-fun pattern in the Mason Dixon knitting book. I not only decreased my Sugar ‘n Cream stash by a couple of balls but I wound up with some functional knits, too. And also a bit of blog fodder for a day when I don’t have much else to show you.

Is it the weekend yet, Dave?

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  1. Very nice! I should do some of those for car knitting. (Since we carpool and Grant drives, I get to knit — but nothing too involved so I can still converse in what passes with me for an intelligent fashion.)

  2. Those dishcloths really are multi-functional aren’t they? They provide mindless knitting when you need it, blog fodder when there’s nothing to say and, oh yeah, they’re handy in the kitchen too. Gotta love it.

  3. Functional knit and functional for blog fodder. What’s there not to like about it? Looks like Easter is creeping into your color choices. 🙂

  4. sigh, not the weekend yet. arggh
    Your dishcloths are pretty enough I just might have to break my no-dishcloths rule (I abuse my dishcloths mercilessly)

  5. It’s time for me to knit some more of those too! I just love them. And I like the colors you chose very much!

  6. In perfect spring colors, too! I am eager for the weekend too, the learning curve for the new job has been steep, leading to loss of nighttime rest… time for a break.

  7. Wow. I miss a day or two and you’ve knit dishcloths and posted photos of a truly incredible cabled vest! Gorgeous work on that vest…
    How much snow are they predicting for your part of New England?

  8. Your dishcloths look wonderful.
    do you enjoy that mason-dixon book? I love the authors, but the book just never drew me in and called my name. Perhaps I’m missing something?

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