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And Yet, There’s More

Can I eke out another post about Frank Harlow Day? Of course I can. I have explanations and answers to questions.


Margene and several other people commented that they didn’t know that Hannah reenacted with us. She hasn’t lately so it hasn’t really come up on the blog. However, since this event is right in our town and since the high school history club participates, she basically has no choice. Two of her friends dressed in period clothing and came along for the day and I think that might have been part of her willingness to participate this time.



Marcy asked for pictures of Dale. Believe it or not, I didn’t get any pictures of him on Saturday. My daughter-in-law Heather did, though. She also got some beautiful photos of Ambrynn that I just have to share with you.



Cheryl asked about our pot roast. I use a large cast iron dutch oven to cook the meat. I put it in there with some cream of mushroom soup and some red wine and then set it next to the fire right after lunch. I give it a turn every half hour or so and about an hour before we want to eat I add potatoes and carrots. It takes a long time but, hell, I’m not going anywhere. I call this my Civil War Crock Pot and it’s a delicious meal. Everything tastes better when you eat it outside, right?

Kathy emailed me to make sure that the committee didn’t give us a hard time at the event. The truth is, the committee was dissolved by the Board of Selectmen the Tuesday before our program. It had nothing to do with us or this event but the timing couldn’t have been better. Of course, we are being blamed for their demise but, you know that’s the way it goes. All I have to say to them is you reap what you sow. Oh yeah and: Bah-Bye.


Thanks again for all your support and good thoughts for our living history. I promise to have real knitting content tomorrow.

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  1. Wonderful pictures … I especially like the ones of you and Dale with Ambrynn. Could you be any prouder grandparents?

  2. Norma teased you before I got to it about the cream`o mushroom soup, so I will just state it again – you have a beautiful family!

  3. awww, Ambrynn is a doll baby! You must have so much fun playing with her! If the committee was all that, they’d still be there, period. Your pot roast sounds yummy…

  4. Seeing those teenaged girls participating in the reenactment warms my heart. I’ll bet they had a great time too.
    The photos of Ambrynn (and Dale) are adorable!

  5. Ambrynn is adorable. You are definitely a very busy woman and good for you. Going to my sons in NJ. there is a reenactment camp, but I have never seen anything going on there, but we don’t that often. Enjoy the day. sandy

  6. so the cream of mushroom soup — did it come from a can? i know they had cans back then … but did they have campbell’s? *duck*

  7. Oh god – those carrots that cook with the pot roast are the BEST THINGS EVER. Even after I stopped eating meat, I would still eat just a little bit of my grandma’s pot roast because she wouldn’t let me have any carrots otherwise.

    Ambrynn certainly looks like she hada great time, and could Dale POSSIBLY look any prouder of her? So. Cute. (Both of them, of course.)

  8. I loved reading about your living history day, as a history teacher I do have to admit a bias in that area, but still, it looks like a wonderful day out. Ambrynn is gorgeous!

  9. Ambrynn is such a precious little Doll!! Sweet sweet. And you and Dale look so good together. You’re not very convincing though, as the reenacters with these picture perfect smiles. Can’t you black out a few teeth or turn them brown or broken or anything? No way did Civil War era people have such pretty teeth. heh

    Beautiful photos! 🙂

  10. Hey, it doesn’t always have to be about the knitting; learning about the other passions people have in their lives is part of the fun. I just love that you and Dale are so involved in keeping history alive for people. That little grandbaby sure is sweet! The photo with the daffodil is just too precious:)

  11. Yup — same thought about the Cream of Mushroom. They should do an ad campaign based upon that — “Loved since the Civil War!” 🙂

    How CUTE is that little girl!!

  12. Great pictures of you, Dale, and Ambrynn. She is an aboslute doll!

    I’ve enjoyed reading about your living history; thanks for sharing it with us 🙂

  13. If you were truly on a CW encampment, the meat would be something shot or scavenged, right? So what was it in the pot? Possum? Old horse? Good thing you had that period Campbells along, huh?

    That is some adorable baby. Wow. I love her little pigtails. 😀

  14. love the photos! what a cute one of you two and Ambrynn and yet another good recipe (campfire crock pot – that’s a good one!)

  15. Ambrynn is such a cute!

    Cream of mushroom soup – then it’s a “hot dish” here in Minnesota.

  16. Love the baby in the piggies!

    Thank you, Carole. You answered all my unasked questions. Now I want pot roast. Oh! And I’m so glad that committee got what they deserved.

  17. Ah, peer pressure! I understand it now. 🙂

    Damn, but that pot roast sounds good. I wish my husband would eat pot roast, but growing up in India you don’t get a lot of cow for dinner, you know? 😉 He’ll do hamburgers if they’re extra well done, but I’ve pretty much had to give up on using my dutch oven. Maybe I should dye in it instead. 😉

  18. Your Civil War crock pot recipe is almost exactly the one I use in my late-20th century crock pot. The only difference is I add an envelope of Lipton’s onion (or onion-mushroom) soup. Ymm!

  19. Well, aren’t you the cutest Civil War couple there ever was? I love the picture of you, Dale and Ambrynn.

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