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Spin, Spin, Spin

ETA: Cheryl and I, along with Helen, have made a command decision. We will have a blogger meet up at NH Sheep & Wool at Noon on Saturday outside the Roby Building, in the area facing the Goat Barn. Be there or be square.

There’s nothing like the threat promise of an upcoming fiber festival to put me in the spinning mood. I’m not sure if it’s thinking about the festival and all that good spinning mojo that gets me going or if it’s needing to make room for incoming fiber – although I suspect it’s the latter. In any case, New Hampshire Sheep & Wool is this weekend and I’ve been spinning down the stash like crazy for the past week or so. Wanna see?



Spunky Eclectic Monthly Fiber Club for March. Superwash Merino in the colorway Dandy Lion. Enough for very short socks, I think.



Spunky Eclectic Monthly Fiber Club for April. Corriedale in the colorway Strawberry Fields. Hannah has requested a hat and I’m thinking the teen version from the Hat Trifecta.



Grafton Fiber in the most stunning blue. I’ve got 500+ yards of this and I’m considering a shawl. Or perhaps a scarf. Or maybe even a hat and mittens. Anything but socks. Heh.



Black Lamb Merino & Silk. This was in my Yarn Aboard package from Cynthia. I Navajo plyed the singles to keep the colors separate. Aren’t they just like a rainbow? There’s only about 100 yards so I’ll save this to put with something else.

There’s a bit more room in the fiber drawer now. Time for shopping! So, who else is going to be in New Hampshire on Saturday? Blogger meet up, anyone?

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  1. Lovely spinning! I do admit a weakness for the dandylion and the blues. Yes, you have permission to buy. What? Oh. Already done? I see. What happens at Friends Folly stays at Friends Folly. At least for a little while.

  2. Weeping.
    I’m Helen… but I don’t get to be at this delicious meet up
    Some days, living in the Midwest REALLY SUX

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