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I will have a full report on New Hampshire Sheep & Wool tomorrow but for now all I have time to tell you is a quick story.

Apparently, there was a transcontinental conspiracy to get me to purchase something other than wool on Saturday. So, for Sylvia:

Silk Hankies. Cate helped me pick them out.

Spun on a spindle – by ME. Marcy showed me how.

And all the while, Laurie nodded with approval.

Resistance was futile.

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  1. Enabled, shown and approved by the best! Nice job! I knew you could do it! And you started with the hankies and not the brick? Wow! What kind of spindle is that btw?

  2. Oh my gosh. A spindle! How fabulous! And I’ve heard that we picked up the exact same batt from Foxfire — I couldn’t resist it.

  3. Great colors! That looks like it spins like a dream.

    Sorry to leave so quickly at the blog meetup – I lost my daughter and got temporarily panicked!

    What a great day it was. Perfect weather and great bargains!

  4. Oh my!! It took a village to get you to spin silk and on a spindle no less!! What wonderful people to have rooting for you!

  5. Hahahahahahahahaha!!! You must have done that after I left…heeheeheee! Pretty impressive spinning for someone who doesn’t spindle 🙂

  6. It looks like the enablers were out in force at NH.

    What beautiful colors – and some pretty darn fine spindling too!

  7. When I saw Dale walking down the path with a wheel I just about bust a gut…He said it was Jess’s… It would have been way more fun if it was yours. 😉

  8. Silk on a spindle! You totally rock girl. Glad that they all convinced you to try it out. Isn’t it totally fun?! Welcome to the fun of a traveling spinner – (you can sneak it into your bag at work! hah!)

  9. Oooh can’t wait for more details. I bought some like that at Maryland but pretty much have no idea how to spin them up yet. Figured I’d read Amy Singer’s article on knitty first. Your spinning looks awesome already!

  10. Was is it just the silk hankie part that was new to you, or were you actually a non-spindler up ’til now? If the latter, I’m amazed you held out so long. 😉

    Your taste is wonderful, as always. Such colors!

  11. Mmmmmm. Looks better than mine. But I did a silly thing and plied it with wool. Why did I do that? I don’t know. I need to try it again because I have quite a lot of silk hankies! Aren’t they FUN!?

  12. ::smiling::

    Nancy Finn dyes the nicest silk, and that Bosworth is a perfect mate for then hankies. Good choices!

    So, part of the idea of enabling you with silk is to see how it changes your wool spinning on your wheel. After you have the hankies flowing onto the Bosworth, sit down with some familiar wool sliver and feel the difference in the attenuation, the way the fiber accepts twist, the size and shape of the drafting triangle… What do you think?

  13. I’m so excited to read and see the photos from NH! I love your non-wool purchases though. It makes me wonder though, since you have spinning wheels, why would you want a drop spindle? I thought the drop spindle was for beginners to learn to spin before they commited to buying a wheel. (I’m sure that statement just proves that obviously I know nothing about nothing when it comes to spinning)

    Thanks for the Ravelry invite. I just got it and I’m going to stop everything right now and check it out. You’re a doll!

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