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Let Me Entertain You

I have two new projects on the needles:

Garter Rib Socks. The yarn is Claudia’s Handpaint in the color “boot camp.” These are a gift and I can say no more than that.

La Dentelle Belle Scarf from Knituition. I’m using the Brooks Farm 2 Ply Kid Mohair that I bought at Rhinebeck. I haven’t gotten very far but I’m loving it.

Since neither of those things are very entertaining, I’ll leave you with something that I find highly entertaining.

Ambrynn, Grandpa aka Dale, and Daddy aka Brant. When Ambrynn says “dance” . . . you’d better dance!

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  1. The knitting looks great.
    Ambrynn sure has the men in her life wrapped around her finger, just the way it should be!

  2. How cute! Oh, to have kids that huggable again…
    Isn’t that a great scarf? I fell for that one too. Another lucky recipirnt of a beautiful pair of socks…

  3. Gotta love the Wiggles! Dan was “taught” how to have a tea party when my goddaughter was 4… he was yelled at for over an hour for “doing it wrong!” and sitting on imaginary people. He said he’s never had a more stressful imaginary meal. 🙂

    Socks look pretty… and the scarf will be very nice!

  4. Oooo, I love Teresa’s scarf pattern. I was thinking about using it for my Spun Stitches project.
    Love the Claudia’s color that you are using for those socks!

  5. Love the knitting but the dancing left cereal all over the monitor. Thanks for sharing a bit of your life with us!

  6. Love the new projects. That scarf would look nice in some Foxfire yarn I have. Ambrynn is sooo cute!

  7. Starting new projects is the best. I haven’t heard of that scarf yet. I will have to check it out.

    Loved the dance!

  8. Those are awesome powers, she must learn to use them for good. The last time I listened to the Wiggles, I sang them for three days. I am very glad my sons are out of that phase.

  9. Yes, that girl is on her way to world domination. I’d have wet my pants… It’s rare that those moments happen when you have a way of preserving them. And posting them on the internet for all to see. World domination indeed.

  10. It’s wonderful to see the next generation learning how to wrap a man around her little finger ;o) Too cute! (oh and the knitting looks good, too!)

  11. Au contraire, ma chere, your knitting is most entertaining. Love the lovely lace. (I can’t watch the video at work as I’m supposed to be working, but I will when I get home.)

  12. Now Grandpa and Daddy need to work on wigglin’ in the same direction at the same time. ;^)

    Thanks for the linky. I think I need to add that to my list of ‘need to knit’ items. I like those socks, too.

  13. loved the wiggle dance! and most of all I loved listening to you giggle in the background.
    Pretty new projects too, btw.

  14. LOVE the color of the socks, and the scarf looks oh so soft, but your granddaughter has stolen the show!! Then again, maybe it was Dale & Brant that stole the show. I think you should all go to a Wiggles concert so Ambrynn can make you all dance there too!!

  15. Love the socks and I know who they’re for! 🙂

    Cute vid, that Dale is one cool dude and that’s one adorable grandbaby !

  16. I love the way the color mixed on your sock!

    Can I ask you a question, as I can’t find an answer?
    How and why do you roll yarn into a ball before using?
    Is there anyplace I can go to find out more info on this that you know of?
    Keep up the beautiful projects. Your knitting bag is awesome!

  17. I loved the video and had a good laugh over the big guys having to jump up to dance. 🙂 Your sock looks great! I got upset with my garter rib sock and ripped it out. 🙂

  18. Wow–I think that we may have started a pair of garter rib socks on the same day. Eerie! I love the yarn you’re using, the colors are great. Oddly enough, my yarn is called “sailor girl” (it’s navy and pink)–so both yarns have a pseudo-military name. Double eerie!

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