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Library Knitters

The peony is completely irrelevant to this post. However, all the cool kids are posting peony photos and I didn’t want to be left out. Plus, you know how I feel about a pictureless blog post.

Remember how a while ago I started a spinning group at the library? By doing that I finally figured out a way to get paid to spin since I’m “on the clock” during those spinning nights. Well, hold onto your knitting needles because I’ve done it again. I started a library knitting group.

The whole thing got going about 6 weeks ago in a very roundabout way. I saw an email on a local yahoo group and someone was saying how they thought it would be great to have a knitting group at the Carver Public Library. Frankly, I almost deleted this email before I realized it was MY library they were talking about. So I responded and said I’d be happy to set something up and we now have a group of library knitters.

We meet on the first and third Tuesday of each month and, while we’re pretty small at this point, I think this group has great potential. We don’t have a lot in common, we are all ages and come from different backgrounds. Some of us work and some of us don’t but all of us knit and that’s enough common ground to bind us together. It’s pretty amazing to me that a group of women who have known each other for about 3 minutes will just start spilling their guts about all kinds of personal stuff. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that you can look at your knitting instead looking at people’s faces and there’s a sense of anonymity in that. Whatever the reason, I think it’s great that people feel able to share some very personal things while knitting at the library.

And all the while I am getting paid to knit. I love my job.

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  1. My spinning group is just like that. I would never have met or socialized with any of those women without the guild – but I’m getting to know and like them very much. We have Spinning this Saturday, and I can’t wait!

    Your peony looks like delicate lace knitting. 🙂 Bonus points. Oh, and I get paid to rock wee little infants all day – I know what you mean.

  2. Your peony is lovely.
    I wish I lived closer. I’d love to have a knitting group. I’m sure there are some in my area but until the boy is older I’ll have to knit solo.

  3. Wonderful! Spinning and knitting at your library. So when are you folks going to host a fiber festival at the library??

  4. It is very strange, the whole knit-bonding thing. Strange in a totally good way. Of all the multifaceted facets of knitting, I think the tendency to do it in groups is the second-strangest to Muggles. (Do I have to tell you what I think #1 is?)

  5. We started out with the every other night thing and gave up. Now we meet every week! Knitting groups are so much fun. Lucky you (of course YOU’D figure out how to make that happen) to get paid while playing!

  6. That’s excellent. I’ve recently heard that there are a lot of law librarians who knit. I hope to get together with some of them after I get situated in my new gig.

  7. I love the idea of a knitting group at the library. It is a perfect place for it – and a good outreach too 🙂 Library as community and library as space – all that jazz. Good for you, Carole. I wish I loved my job as much as you do yours!

  8. Very cool! We have a spinning group that meets at a library occasionally, but it is when the library is closed 🙂

  9. Being paid AND getting to knit… brilliant! I started a whole “yarn department” in my store, and we have monthly knit nights there… makes for a fun workplace!

  10. For a second there, I thought it was Friday…Drats! Pretty peony 🙂 I think I mentioned I knit with about 6 librarians and they too like to arrange library knitting. It’s being renovated now, so we have to wait. What better way to increase reading awareness and book borrowing, not to mention knitting! I love your job too!

  11. First a $15 spinning wheel, now this. Lucky brat. (you do know I mean that in a loving, just utterly jealous way, right?)

  12. That’s great! (And that’s a great peony picture.) It’s wonderful to have someone (or a whole group!) to knit with. My knitting friend moved away and I’m sad. 🙂

  13. That sounds great! Sadly there are no knitting groups in my area except one and it’s during the week and I can’t attend since my husband works nights.

  14. Your post could describe my knitting group perfectly. We are different ages, races, and places in our lives, but we are bonded by knitting, and the friendships we have developed over the past two years are wonderful.

  15. Love that Peony picture! All those little water droplets, very nice!

    Maybe I can start a knitting group here at the shop. The guys would love that.

  16. What a great idea and great place to knit. I thought about having a knit group and book club combined where we could knit and discuss books. Two of the things I love most.
    It’s funny but the group I knit with, 6-9 women from different walks of life (some friends some strangers), can talk about the most personal things like we’ve known each other forever. Maybe we are kindred spirits?

  17. That’s a wonderful story. I never thought about the “not looking at faces” part before. Interesting. I’d dare say too, that there are other rewards that far outweigh the monetary ones for you Carole!

    Oh, that’s a peony! Mental note.

  18. What fun to get paid to knit and spin! Especially when you get to get together with a group at the same time. That rocks.

    Oh, and you won’t be the last without a peony picture. They don’t grow here, so I won’t be posting one at all. Sadness!

  19. Getting paid to knit on the clock? That is the only thing that would make me love my job more, well that an unlimited supplies budget…quite the boondoggle!

  20. I’m officially jealous. My library would never let me teach a knitting class on the clock, sad day. Also, I didn’t realize how many librarians I had on my bloglines list. Good luck with your groups!

  21. Being the librarian has its privileges! 🙂 I bet your library has a kickass knitting/spinning section, come to think of it.

    I wish I lived nearby–I’d be there every week!

  22. Man, I helped start a knitting group in my office, but I ain’t getting paid for it. Although, technically I am because I’m salaried, so with the additional hours in the office I guess I’m down to around $4.25 an hour? 🙁

    Boy, do I envy you! I need a new life.

  23. That’s great! I’m a member of that yahoo group too, but just didn’t get a chance to pipe in with all the madness recently. I’m a lurker…

  24. Beautiful peony! Yet another reason I’ll never be a cool kid. I don’t have any.

    You’re such a clever thing! When does the dyeing group start up? ;^)

  25. Yeah, I knit at work but it’s during lunch. I just need to figure out how to knit at meetings but it probably wouldn’t go over too well with all the male engineers I work with…

    Way to go Carole!!

  26. Wonderful things happen in a knitting group, no matter what the size. Your peony is prettier than my peony.

  27. What a beautiful peony! Love the green center.

    What time does your knitting group meet? Is it an evening group? Maybe I can rotate it with poker night…

  28. Diversity is good in a knitting group! My dh asked me last night about my group “what’s the demograph”? To which I replied… “knitters”. That’s about all we have in common. And it’s wonderful! Always a lively discussion or two or three going on and interesting views from all! Congrats on your group! Have fun!

  29. It sounds like a great group. And being paid to knit and spin – crafty of you 🙂
    That’s a beautiful peony. I don’t care if it’s irrelevant.

  30. Our knit group meets at our library! And I’ll tell you, I wish I could get them to meet 2 times a month – we’re lucky we can all manage to get together once a month as it is!
    So cool that you could meet this need in your community!

  31. Be careful! The little knitting group that started at my library about 4 years ago has grown tremendously. Now they meet every week and we have to close the meeting room door to contain the knitterly noise.

  32. I’m fixin to cut down a tree so my little peony can get enough sun to bloom!!! Is that extreme? Should I just move the peony? Mm. I’ll think about it.

    Wow. I wish I could find a spinning wheel for $15 at a yard sale! And hey… getting paid to just sit around knitting? Don’t even have to teach anybody? Wow. Maybe I should be a librarian! 🙂

  33. Awesome to start up a knitting group @ the library. And get to knit and spin on the clock, good work there Ms. Carole!

  34. Knitting in a library seems so great – grand idea! Being able to do it while are work seems so excellent – you definitely have a good gig going.

    BTW the peony is lovely. I love peonies; ours have not even opened yet this year.

  35. Lovely Peony (was searching for one to paint)… and lo! and Behold! I found a knitter! YAAAAAY! AND a librarian who’s smart enough to knit at work! Way cool. I used to be a librarian, and I try to knit as much as possible… and paint. I’ll be back to look for the patterns on those beautiful shawls. Are you on Ravelry?

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