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Flowers Everywhere

It must be summer because my three most recently finished projects are cotton. And flowery.




A reverse-bloom flower washcloth. The pattern comes from Weekend Knitting and the yarn is Crystal Palace cotton chenille and only requires one skein. These make a great gift, especially when you include a fabulous bar of soap. The washcloth will be off to it’s recipient this week.




An Eyelet Sun Hat. I just think this is the cutest thing! The pattern is from Knitting at Knoon and the yarn is Tahki Cotton Classic and like the washcloth it only uses one skein. This is a birthday present for Ambrynn – can you believe she will be two at the end of the month? And, as you may recall, they are moving to Florida so a cotton sun hat seems like just the thing.




A Petal Bib. Also, so very cute and also a gift. The pattern is from One Skein and the yarn is Debbie Bliss Cotton DK and, again, only uses one skein. And talk about fast! I knit this on Sunday morning.

These one skein gift projects have been just the thing for making me feel oh-so-accomplished. But honestly, I’m ready to sink my teeth into a bigger project. I think a shawl is coming up next!

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  1. Quick knits are so much fun. The hat will look so cute on Ambrynn. I hate to ask but how soon are they moving? The washcloth and bib are lovely.

  2. The flower cloth will be a great gift. The little hat is cuter than any other hat I’ve seen in a long time! Love the color and the flowers on it…what a perfect hat for FL weather. The bib is darling, too.

  3. I know how you feel – I need the instant gratification myself once in a while.

    Any ideas about which shawl you want to start?

    I just started Adamus. Unfortunately I don’t have that much “concentration” time these days! It might be done by Christmas!

  4. I’m all about the instant gratification knitting these days. Ambyrnn is going to look adorable in that hat.

  5. What an adorable little hat! I’ll have to go have a look at that pattern. The flower washcloths are always pretty and so is the petal bib. It’s definitely summer at Carole Knits! 🙂

  6. How pretty:) That is one of my fave books. The sun hat will be perfect for here and protect her sweet little head. 2 Already? Kids grow way too fast.

  7. All of your “flowers” look great! That hat is especially cute. She’s going to look adorable in it!

  8. So, I thought the flower petal washcloth would be a great gift idea, too. So I knitted one with some Mission Falls cotton for my son’s preschool teacher, included a couple of bars of handmade soaps, and you know what the thank you note said?

    “Thanks so much for the soaps and the pretty doily.”


    That was a bad day for this knitter. Being accused of making a doily??

  9. I really like those types of one skein projects. They keep me busy in between bigger projects. The hat is so adorable! I need to look into getting that book so I can make one too. Being cotton, the petal bib is not only adorable but functional also. I love it and you do such nice work.

  10. Love all your projects. Love that dishcloth, I am always looking for quick and easy patterns. Hat and bib are cute.

  11. i think liz k. should be flattered. the teacher clearly thought the washcloth was too pretty to wash with.

    why bother mailing the washcloth to me when you could have just handed it to me on saturday 😉

  12. Those are really great Carole! It’s amazing that these use only one skein of yarn although it certainly makes for being able to use something really nice and not feeling as though you have to spend a ton. I love the sun hat; it is going to look wonderful on a little girl!

  13. Carole,

    I love reading your blog and truly admire your sock knitting prowess! I have been knitting for about a year and a half, but have never attempted a sock. What pattern and yarn would you recommend for a first time sock knitter? I am a little intimidated by Size 00 needles and thread-like yarns, but would be willing to give anything larger a go! Do you have any advice? Thanks!

  14. One skein projects are not only satisfying to knit, but it’s such a great way to use up those oddballs in the stash! I love that sunhat, what an adorable pattern. It’ll be perfect for the Florida sun!

  15. You’ve been busy while we wait for our Summer of Socks to begin. I love that little pink sun hat.

    What shawl? 😀

  16. Hi Carole! How cute is that sunhat! I have been searching for a pattern like that, so thanks so much for knittng and blogging about it too!

  17. I was thinking about making those washcloths…I just need to find the right yarn. Very cute hat by the way!

  18. Cute summery knits. The hat is adorable! I wouldn’t mind one (without the ruffle maybe)! Really like the bib and I always have friends that are pregnant – that would make a great baby shower gift!! You are so clever!

  19. What great projects! So cheery. And I look forward to seeing a shawl – after you’ve announced it, you can’t back down! ;p

  20. Way to go with the themed knitting! I totally adore that little flower sunhat and have queued it over at Ravelry.

  21. Hey I live in Florida, I want an adorable hat too! Plus I shower and spill on occasion so I could use all three 🙂

    Really cute knits Carole!

  22. Great projects! Very summery and fun. I’ve been thinking a lot about a shawl too. If I had some new addi lace needles I probably would have already started.

  23. What a very cute little hat – Ambrynn will be absolutely adorable in it.

    Yes yes yes! A shawl – can’t wait to see what you’ll pick.

  24. I just made that sunhat for my 20-month-old niece! Unfortunately, she yanked it off her head the minute I placed it there. Who knows if it will actually be worn, but it was a fun knit. Hopefully your little one will be more appreciative!

  25. Your petal bib is very sweet. I love One Skein. Somewhere on my blog I posted a photo of the Petal also, but you did a much nicer job photographing it!

  26. What adorable projects you’ve been knitting. My heart sank for you again when you mentioned Ambrynn moving to Florida. When does that all take place? Have you all considered getting Web Cameras for your computers?

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