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Maple Tree Socks

This photo:

Inspired this dye job:

Which lead to these socks:

The scarf from yesterday may have been a bust but nothing soothes a defeated knitter like a simple pair of socks. And while they are a bit more blue than I intended, I declare these a success! Why?

There is no pooling whatsoever.

The yarn is squooshy.

And they will always remind me of my maple trees in the early spring.

Now that these are done, bring on the Summer of Socks!

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  1. Wonderful! I like blue, so you may send them along to me. 😉 Terrific job avoiding the pool!

  2. What great fun the entire project must have been. I love it when an inspiration from nature can be incorporated into art so happily. Wonderful pair of socks. Hey, don’t they count as ‘summer of socks’ socks? After all, it IS summer… just sayin’!

  3. Oh wow Carole, those really are special! I just love them and the picute and the little story behind them too.

  4. It’s always fun to see a skein of yarn, then to see it knit up. To me, they’e often very different. I wouldn’t have thought your yarn would knit up with so much blue, but I love it! Great job.

  5. Good job! The socks look great and remind me once again that you never know what a yarn will look like when it gets knit up.

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