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Shetland Triangle Shawl

I have wanted to knit the Shetland Triangle by Evelyn Clark for ages, it seems. I think Cheryl’s was the first one I saw and hers is gorgeous. So light, so delicate and in her own handspun, too. Kim has knit it and so has Susan with Margene’s handspun, no less. Their shawls are also light and delicate.

Inspired by my friends and also Spun Stitches, I decided to knit this shawl with my handspun. I’ve got 9 repeats done and here it is so far:


Light and delicate? Not so much. The yarn is heavier than I’d like it to be and I probably should be using bigger needles. The variegated green/yellow is sort of hiding the lace and I’m not thinking this is a great yarn/pattern match. However, I’m too stubborn to rip it out and start over with different yarn so I will persevere. And I will finish.


But given what came in the mail on Monday, well, it’s not going to be easy.

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  1. I’m always 2 projects behind on what’s a popular knit! Your shawl is really pretty! Aren’t they all a bit dense and smooshy til they’re blocked? It always seems to morph them into something completely different and beautiful.

  2. The yarn looks fine in the pattern…you’re too hard on yourself. We all learn from knitting with our handspun…and NEXT time will be perfect;-)

  3. Shetland Triangle is a wonderful pattern. I’m sure when it is finished and blocked you will be pleased. I ripped out my Spun Stitches project last night and this morning began the endless cast on for Ene’s Scarf in my handspun.
    I can see why you are tempted by Anne’s gorgeous new pattern & the accompanying yarn though!

  4. It’s still pretty with thicker yarn, but I understand what you mean. That is the reason I am not crazy about the shawl I am working on now. I wish I had used thinner yarn.

  5. “Where did I put the Shetland Triangle? I just can’t seem to find it anywhere? I’ll just cast on something else until it shows up…”

  6. Don’t judge it till you block it! This pattern opens up so much in the blocking. And it’s a strong lace pattern, so I think you might be surprised that the variegation doean’t overwhelm the lace. Just block the hell out of it and the decide.

    I do love the color so much.

  7. I think it’s looking very pretty. And I agree with the others – once it’s blocked you may like it better.

  8. I think blocking will help your shawl some….everyone has already said that, huh? Knitting with your handspun is always a learning experience. And, you know, when you use it up you just have to spin more!

  9. I predict it will be your favorite shawl when it’s all said and done. Judge ye not the lace before blocking lest ye be digesting your words later. And I am working very, very hard at not casting on Bee Fields until the other two WIPs-that-must-be-finished-by-Boston-trip are done. But I’m consoling myself that it’s going to be the most indulgent and sweetest of vacation knits ever and have to keep telling myself “end of next week, end of next week, hold your horses.”

  10. I agree to wait and see. I had that pattern on my list too — I may use some merino/tencel homespun. And Bee?!? What color did you order — that’s such a fabulous shawl.

  11. It’s going to be fabulous once it’s done, Carole. You know what lace is like while you’re working on it. The ugly duckling that turns into a beautiful swan during blocking.

    Ya know, I’d be tempted if it wasn’t for all the socks…

  12. You’re way to critical. You haven’t blocked it yet and the pattern is very pretty. I think you’ll like it a lot more as you go along. Have faith.

  13. I think the shawl is looking good and I agree with what Stephanie said. However I don’t know how you’re going to be able to resist starting that bee shawl! I’m patiently waiting for my Bee Fields kit to come.

  14. I just started Shetland Triangle too! Great minds, etc. 😉 I figured it would be a nice palate-cleanser before diving into the Bee.

    I think the S.T. can look wonderful in a heavier yarn–you’ve seen Brooklyntweed’s, right? It’s such a versatile pattern, I just love it… 🙂

  15. You know what they say – blocking is magical. It might not end up as heavy as you think…?

    Your Bee is going to be lovely in that green!

  16. That’s some very tempting mail! I say give in to the temptation and then you can reassess the pairing of yarn and pattern.

  17. You got the BEE! Is that the green color? I can’t wait for mine to come…………I’m stalking the mailman everyday.

    Your lace looks pretty great, too – handspun – that has to be a challenge!

  18. The picture looked at first to me like a forest floor with bits of sunlight shining on it! I think its a beautiful shawl!

  19. you caught the bee buzz 😉

    i’ll bet your lace will open up nicely when you block it 🙂

    hannah is lovely in her new specs!

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