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Eye Candy Friday


You knew it would be a mountain, right? I do love me a mountain. And, while my birthday posts in the past have been of a more personal nature, this one suits me just fine, too.

Happy birthday to me, Happy weekend to you.

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  1. Oh what a beautiful mountain! Oddly it’s reminding me that I have to do laundry this afternoon. Oh well, you’re having a birthday! Happy Birthday!!! You don’t look a day past 29!

  2. Happy Happy to you!!! The mountain is beautiful! I had my eyes dilated and looked at this morning and from the occasional grunts of “huh” coming from the eye doc, I expected to hear bad news. My first thought: well, I’m getting in the car and driving to Utah cause I have to see all those beautiful sights while I can. Then eye doc said eyes are still fine and he doesn’t expect bad stuff, so I’ll have to find another excuse to drive out there. 🙂

  3. Happy Birthday to my fellow Libra friend… we each love our coasts or probably would have found our ways closer together geographically. I know last week was your big birthday present, but I am also sure that Dale and Hannah will make you feel extra-special too.

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We will call you later to give you birthday wishes. Also Ambrynn would like to sing to you. And we all send our love

  5. absolutely beautiful and happy birthday again and good luck on the cancer walk I hope Sunday is a gloriously clear day

  6. Happy Birthday! Add some yodeling into the song — not sure how to do that in a comment (which is probably good!).

    May the coming year bring you happiness and joy.

  7. Happy birthday! Thanks for the photo, too. I grew up in the shadow of that mountain, and now that I’ve moved away from SLC, I don’t get to see it nearly often enough.

  8. Happy Birthday, my dear Carole! I am proud to call you friend!
    Love the mountains! Who knew there would be Utah Mountains on this here Massachusetts blog?
    Welcome home, girl!!
    hope your day is HAPPY!

  9. Happy B-day!! You share the day with my teenager – she just turned 15… I much prefer your age there’s WAY less drama!

  10. Happy Belated Birthday, Carole. Sorry I missed it.
    Those mountains are beautiful. It sounds like you had a wonderful time on your trip.

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