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Utah ’07

As I’m sure you’ve figured out, my trip to Utah was wonderful. There was time for everything, it seemed. Eating and drinking, knitting and spinning, talking and laughing. It seemed to go on for days. And then, all too soon, it was over and I was headed home. But I took a lot of pictures and I’d like to share a handful of them with you.

A wonderful group shot of us at the fiber fair.

The setting for the fair was beautiful. The weather was perfect and the days were warm and sunny. And everywhere you looked there were the mountains.

I just love this photo of Kim up at Silver Lake.

I got to meet Kim! And had more time with Susan than the last time I visited. Of course, I’m going to have even more time with Susan next month. Yay.

Temple Square is not to be missed.

And, of course, no trip to Salt Lake City is complete without the Margene Treatment – a meal at Silver Fork Lodge and a walk around Silver Lake.

The scenery is gorgeous, the friends are genuine, the Stitch ‘n Bitch group is terrific, and I can’t wait to go back.

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  1. Thank goodness it was last weekend when we had fabulous weather. It rained ALL weekend and we didn’t even go up to check out the moose. There maybe snow at the lake this morning. It was so much fun to have you here and I have thought about it everyday since. It was a pleasure to have you as a guest…you’re the best!

  2. Good friends, good fun, it doesn’t really get better than that. It’s been great being a voyeur on your-alls trip (I think I lurk on all your blogs). Almost like being there…not 🙂

    Oh and happy belated birthday!

  3. Salt Lake City is possibly the only big city I could ever live in and be happy. The mountains are the reason. You can see them no matter where you are. And getting to them is only a short drive away.

  4. what fabulous photos Carole – I’m so glad that you included the one of all the tents and the meadow with the mountains everywhere. just wonderful.
    the ‘margene treatment’ – cute! 🙂 You sooo totally deserve every moment of joy that you had with them.

  5. Glad you got to enjoy such a wonderful trip. Salt Lake City is one of my favorite cities – so much to do…and see…and the majesty of the mountains just thrills me.

  6. Looks amazing! I’m thrilled you had such a great time and thanks for sharing all the beautiful photos. Makes me kind of homesick for Utah … kind of.

  7. Now how did that picture of me slip by? I did my best to stay outta photo range. You’re a sneaky, sneaky gal.

    Have a great weekend–how cool that Susan is going to Rhinebeck!!

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