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I did not go to the Red Sox rolling rally in Boston last week. And yet, I can tell you, despite what the announcers were saying about how well behaved the crowd was, there were assuredly a million little mini-dramas going on with those people. How do I know? Because I went to the rally in 2004.

Yes, indeed, Dale and I, along with our friends Matt and Sarah, got up at 4 am and took the T into Boston. We were at Park St. by 5 am and claimed our front row spot right by the New England School of Law. And then we waited. And waited. And waited some more.

During that time there were numerous trips to the bathroom and we would go one at a time so the other three people could maintain the space. That’s when things got a bit ugly. Dale was gone for a long time because he had to wait in a really really long line for the men’s room at Burger King. I was standing with my feet spread and my hands on my hips, taking up as much space as I could and this woman tried to push her way into his spot. She came pushing her way up there – this was about 10 am so we had been there for 5 hours by then – and I asked her to please back off. And she said, “but there’s room up here for another person.” And I said, “yes, there is, I’m holding the space for my husband.” She narrowed her eyes at me and said, “if he’s not here, that’s too bad,” and she tried to elbow her way into his space. I turned to her, glared, and said, “listen sweetie, I’ve been standing here since 5 am. Do you honestly think you can show up at 10 and get a front row spot? Back off. Now.” There must have been something crazy in my eyes because she slunk away. And the people standing around me cheered for my small victory.

After Dale got back we waited for a while more. And this new woman started trying to push her way to the front. We held our ground and we were all kind of chatting with the people around us. Dale was mentioning how he hadn’t watched many of the games because he was afraid they wouldn’t win and he didn’t want to be disappointed again. This woman, the one trying to get to the front, said to him, “You should step aside and let me have the front row spot. You’re not even a real Red Sox fan.” Dale, being a pacifist, said nothing. I, being an aggressive bitch, turned to her and said, “Well, he’s enough of a fan to get up and get here earlier than you, isn’t he?” That shut her up.

The parade rolled by shortly after that. I have flashes of the duck boats in my head. I clearly remember seeing the trophy – Manny was holding it. And I remember seeing the boat with all the old Red Sox players – that was really neat. We waited 6 hours and it was over in about 15 minutes.

I’m glad we went and I like having bragging rights about being there. And I sure learned some things about human nature that day, I’ll tell you that.

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  1. I have two small kids. This is why we haven’t been to any of the celebrations, let’s see, there’s been FIVE now in my first son’s lifetime (how crazy is that?!?!). I’d love to go to a Patriots one, since we’re such big fans, but…two little kids. Plus, one of my kids was sick last Tuesday. Or I might have attempted it anyway…and probably I would have cried over how rude people can be…

  2. Whoa – that lady was pretty mouthy. Good for you to stand up to her. I’m usually like Dale and wouldn’t say anything. But the other day I did speak up and ended up getting a disgusted look and a slammed car door (theirs) as a result. Human nature does surprise me sometimes.

  3. Some aspects of human nature are just nasty. Did you see the security camera tape of the slimy piece of shit who stuck his cell phone under a 13 yo girl’s skirt and took a picture then said thank you to her when she turned around? I truly wish a bunch of us aggressive bitches had been there.

  4. That is exactly why I loathe crowds. I have done my share of that kind of thing but these days, I’d rather stay home.

    Good for you for standing up for yourself, though. People are so rude and entitled these days that I find myself going to extra lengths to be calm and polite.

  5. You GO girl! People are SO RUDE these days…terribly! The consideration for others has gone by the wayside. Do you hire out? I don’t think of comebacks so quickly, it’s always after the SOB has walked away…I wanna say “Hey You…come back here…I thought of something!”
    My son is a HUGE BoSox fan, he would love to come to Boston for a game, someday!

  6. That woman was bold! I can’t get over how rude people can be sometimes. I didn’t go to the rally, but was downtown that afternoon. By the amount of trash and vomit – you were really better of somewhere else. 🙁 It’s so disappointing.

  7. Yeah – that’s when the NY comes out in me. No way would I let somebody elbow their way into that spot! People have some nerve!!

    Sounds like too much aggravation to deal with. Staying home this year was probably a good idea!

  8. Good for you!
    I try to avoid that kind of encounter but there was an occasion… and I got to ask a question I’ve been wanting to ask for quite some time.. which is… “Just how long have you had that sand in your vagina?” asked in a very mild polite conversational tone… heh.

  9. I am still EXTREMELY bitter about the fact that the rally was held on a weekday this time. Honestly, it would not have killed anyone to wait a few days (just a few short days!) and hold it on a Saturday again, which would have spared me the WORST commute of my entire life, and also saved the fans the need to call in sick and/or pull their kids out of school for the day.

    It ain’t rocket science, people.

  10. Remind me to stay on your good side! Does Dale realize how fortunate he is to have you as his spouse?

    My DH, who is a gentle soul, has this *look* he dons and everyone backs off. It’s amazing. Parts the waters.

    I tend to smile too much so people think I’ll give way, but my daddy made me practice witty repartee and stock phrases like “cool your jets” and “get a life” said with absolute disdain. Somehow I don’t think anything short of your balancing verbal aggression, though, would have worked with the Sox crowd. Yikes!

  11. You rock! Sound just like the Twins rallys in 87 and 91 – been there, done that; didn’t get into any spats though. I guess we’re just too “nice” here!

  12. I’m going to remember your example for the next time I’m tempted to back off from a confrontation. I’m such a huge wimp most of the time. I’ll just keep telling myself “crazy eyes, crazy eyes.”

  13. Wow, the crowd this year was all peace and love where I was. Some nice teenage boys made a little room in front for my 8 year old son. Guys behind us told funny stories and gave parade updates.

    I agree crowds can bring out the worst in people. Sounds like you gave them what for!

  14. Wow, the crowd this year was all peace and love where I was. Some nice teenage boys made a little room in front for my 8 year old son. Guys behind us told funny stories and gave parade updates.

    I agree crowds can bring out the worst in people. Sounds like you gave them what for!

  15. We lived in Dallas when the Cowboys won two consecutive Super Bowl titles. I worked downtown so went to the parade–it was scary! I was pregnant but people still pushed and shoved through the crowd, and I couldn’t wait to get out of there! I’m happy to watch such events on TV now.

  16. Way to go Carole! I hate it when people are petty and mean like that, but it’s important to stand up and let them know they need to back down! oooooooh, your cph is looking so lovely!

  17. While I’m sure that Dale always gets all the credit for being a pacifist, thank goodness one of you was an aggressive bitch or you would have gotten up at 5 a.m. to watch the parade from behind a giant mob instead of in front of it.

    That’s so cool that you were there, even if it was over fast and didn’t necessarily bring out the best in others.

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