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NaKniSweMo — Check!

Hannah wore her finished Central Park Hoodie on Thanksgiving, for which we were both thankful. She was thankful for a cozy new sweater and I was thankful that it fit because it sure seemed small to me. But Hannah assures me that it fits just the way she wanted and she has already worn it twice since then so I guess I finally hit the jackpot with a handknit for Hannah.

You’re really here for the pictures, though, aren’t you? Never let it be said that I don’t deliver.

The commitment to NaKniSweMo is complete!

The yarn is Plymouth Galway Highland Heather bought from kpixie.

The pattern, I understand, is currently unavailable as the issue of KnitScene is sold out. However, according to the Central Park Hoodie Knitalong Site, it will become available as a downloadable PDF from Knitting Daily some time in December 2007. So, if you haven’t bought this pattern yet, keep the faith. Frankly, a downloadable PDF would have been my preference as Interweave soaked me $5 shipping when I bought the back issue of KnitScene.

The buttons came from Saftlers.

The attitude came from the teenager.

The knitting skillz came from Mom. And that makes the teenager happy. I’m thankful that something does.

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  1. What a great fit and style for your daughter! I’m not showing my daughter this only bc I know she’d put in a request for one and I don’t have the time 🙁 , 🙂

  2. Historically, I have not been a huge fan of the hoodie sweater. I think they are cute and stuff, but I hate the awkward bunch at the neck while driving, or the bulk under the coat. And truth be, I have convinced myself that the second I cast off the last stitch of my first hand knit hoodie, they will immediately go out of style (yeah, I got the power). (I also didn’t buy capris for about 7 years, for that same reason. So what do I know anyway? Exactly.)

    But I may have to rethink my hoodie attitude. That is one cutely rich sweater.

  3. A few things…First, love the sweater, it is beautiful! It looks so cozy and stylish. Also, that second pic looks like an ad for American Eagle, Hannah looks like a model. And Ambrynn saw the pics and said “Oh, Mommy, I want to go to that playground. Let’s go on Wednesday and play at that playground so I can see Hannah. Someday we’ll go there. Someday.” I almost cried.

  4. It’s gorgeous Carole….and so is Hannah!!

    I so hope the pattern is coming, I heard it’s gonna be sized to a 3x too!! Woo Hoo!!

  5. It’s gorgeous Carole….and so is Hannah!!

    I so hope the pattern is coming, I heard it’s gonna be sized to a 3x too!! Woo Hoo!!

  6. it looks awesome.
    save those photos of the teenage ‘attitude’ she will totally enjoy them in another 10 years 🙂
    great job Mom – it looks perfect from here!

  7. I’m so impressed! You sure finished that sweater quickly. And No-Tweed Grrrl looks lovely in it (though I bet she looks good in just about anything, heh.)

    Mine is done now too, and I am gnashing my teeth over its teeny-tininess. Maybe tonight I will finally write about it… I haven’t had the spirits to do so yet.

    And Interweave shipping rates suck, I’m right there with you on that one.

  8. Oh, Carole. The rare, perfect combination of pattern, yarn, fit and detailing. It looks wonderful on Hannah…no wonder she likes it!!

  9. Wow! A teen who will wear something made by her mother. You are a miracle worker. (And the knitting’s not too shabby either!)

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