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Twas the Day After Christmas

Thank you all for the Christmas wishes. We had a wonderful Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Some really fabulous gifts were exchanged, we ate terrific food, drank a fair amount of champagne, played silly games, and laughed a lot. There were moments of sadness as we missed those who weren’t with us but the over all tone was one of gratitude and happiness.

Nevertheless, last night as Dale and I were getting ready for bed we took a moment to enjoy the Christmas tree together. It was a quiet time in the midst of all the crazy-holiday stuff and I found myself thinking that while it had been a really nice Christmas, I was relieved that it was over. Even when we keep it simple – which we did – there’s still a lot of preparation and planning that goes into this holiday. It will be nice to not have anything to do for a while!

The good news is that I can now show you the things I knit for Christmas. Yes, you heard me right, I knit for Christmas. Most of you know that I don’t knit Christmas gifts. There’s too much pressure and stress to get things done and I’ve learned over the years that many people just don’t truly appreciate hand knit gifts. However, the two I knit for this year were two of my dearest friends and I knew they would be thrilled.

A Fake Isle Hat for Blogless Sharon.



She loved it and put it on immediately, despite her fancy Christmas Eve outfit. It looked really cute on her and she has promised to wear it while feeding the sheep and the alpacas.

And a pair of Serpentine Mitts for my dear friend Wendy.



Wendy was also very pleased with her gift. I made them for her to wear at reenactments but she has declared that she doesn’t want to save them for just that and I suspect she’ll be wearing them much more frequently.

It felt really great to gift my friends with items. But I still don’t knit for Christmas.

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  1. Since no one knew it was for Christmas, and you had them done in time, you can say it was just because. Love them both but the hat is very, very cool!

  2. I usually don’t knit Christmas gifts either for the same reasons. It’s different when you know it will be appreciated though. Love both the hat and the mitts!

  3. Very special gifts! I rarely knit for Christmas either. That makes these all the more worth it 🙂 I know your friends will cherish them!

  4. I only knit for my daughters for Christmas. My friends and the rest of my family have no clue how much goes into a handmade gift, and don’t appreciate them. My daughters got mitts and socks, and ooh’ed and aah’ed appropriately. 🙂

    I keep meaning to make one of those Fake Isle Hats (for ME, ’cause I’ll appreciate it!)

  5. Those non-Christmas gifts are both lovely. The hat is especially pretty. I’m with you on not knitting for holidays. It’s so much nicer just knitting gifts “just because” and coincidentally delivering them during the holiday season. Much less stress.

  6. BEautiful! I love that fake-isle stuff. I’m eyeing some nice sock patterns that do that.

    Glad you had a good holiday. I was thinking this morning that many must be glad that the pressure is off.

  7. what a fabulous hat – and lovely mitts.
    I really enjoy the image of you and Dale sitting there quietly enjoying each other and your tree –
    that kind of appreciation for all the beauty makes it worth while, doesn’t it 🙂

  8. I am also very glad it’s over even though I had a wonderful Christmas. It’s a very stressful time no matter how simple you try to keep it.

    Love the hat and mitts! It’s so nice when someone truly appreciates your knitting.

  9. Sounds like you guys had quite a nice time! I too, do not knit Christmas gifts, just can not add that kind of pressure to the holidays. Your ornaments are great and so are your gifts! Love the colors in that hat! Hope you continue to enjoy the holiday season!

  10. A belated merry Christmas to you and yours! I’ve been taking a short holiday blogobreak, but it’s almost time to get back in the saddle…

  11. Those are great! I like the fake isle with the changing color as the background. I did one recently the opposite way, and it didn’t show very well (plus the changing colors had some similar to the background). Love the little elf hat on your tree… will have to try to remember that.

  12. I absolutely love the Fake Isle hat! What yarn did you use?

    Question: I am going to participate in my son’s 5th grade Williamsburg Day with knitting and spinning. Which is more true to the time period: drop spindling or wheel spinning? I have an Ashford Joy, so I figure that won’t be period accurate but at least it will show the concept. If you have any websites to suggest, I would be grateful. It is Jan. 4th and I just found out last week.

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