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B is for Breakfast

One of my goals for this year is to eat better. I’d like to lose weight and I’d like to exercise more but the bottom line is I need to eat better. And the more I read about eating better the more I read that people who do eat better (how many times can I use that phrase in the first paragraph of this post?) eat breakfast. Every day.

Now, I love breakfast. I love it on Saturday and Sunday mornings and I love it to consist of eggs and pancakes and bacon and sausage and hash browns and toast and baked beans. Yes indeed all of that at once, please. Howsomever, I don’t think that’s what the people who advocate eating better and eating breakfast actually have in mind. Something tells me if I ate that every morning I probably wouldn’t lose any weigh. Heh.

Nevertheless, I’m here to tell you that I have eaten breakfast every morning for the past 27 days. I haven’t eaten breakfast that many days in a row since the 6th grade, I think. But I’m doing it. And I like it.

Some mornings I have cereal with banana along with wheat toast and peanut butter.

And some mornings I have a one egg omelet with a low cal English muffin.

And other mornings I have oatmeal with almonds and craisins and that piece of wheat toast with peanut butter again.

Variety is the spice of breakfast, apparently. So, there you have it. B is for Breakfast. Every morning. I think I’m eating better, kids.

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  1. What a variety of breakfasts! I always do eat it, but for the last couple of years it has been fairly consistently monotone. Lately it’s been my favorite bread (When Pigs Fly Seeded Whole Wheat, a very chewy moist bread) with polaner orange marmalade. Before that it was the store brand wheat english muffins (like them better than the name brand), again with orange marmalade. Boring I suppose… Once in a while I’ll have homemade granola or cereal or some yogurt. And then there’s second breakfasts… usually have those too. Also lunch, and dinner! And other snacks (and not typically wholesome) in between.

  2. Mmmm, baked beans for breakfast, a New England staple. Your breakfast choices all look yummy. I should get up 15 minutes earlier just so I’m not pulling a piece of toast out of the toaster on the way out the door!

  3. Having grown up in Europe, I grew up eating a little something in the mornings even if it is only tea and a piece of toast. I find that if I don’t eat something, I get a headache later on. I like to make a pot of Irish oatmeal and you can just reheat the leftovers the next morning. All you have to do is add your fruit.

  4. Ooh, that bowl of oatmeal looks great! Good for you, eating breakfast every day. What a positive change to make.

    You’re so darned beautiful, Carole. Inside & out. Hope you know that.

  5. Well I kinda blew it for January but tomorrow is February 1 and I am committed to making breakfast a part of my day too…I usually don’t put a thing in my mouth before 12 or 1 and thats not good! I do love me some oatmeal with craisins and almonds too! Try dried blueberries too!

  6. That’s what I heard too, is that breakfast sets the tone for your day. I’ve been trying to have breakfast every day now too. Very different, but a good thing. Cereal and bananas and peanut butter toast sounds good. I’m coming to your house for breakfast! 😉

  7. B is also for …. less Bread. (If you want a hint.) Carbs aren’t Terrible for you, but lots of carbs are empty calories, so choose them carefully! (Like Cheerios and refined breads – not so great.) Have fun with your new journey and congratulations for taking the step!

  8. Oh that one brekkie makes me homesick for the breakfast of my past. For 10 years I ate bananas on peanut butter hazelnut bread toast with hazelnut coffee until one day. Guess what? I ended up with a deathly allergic reaction to hazelnuts. Now I’m onto Born 3 eggs fried in a teensy bit of olive oil.

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