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It’s Cold Outside. And Inside, Too.

I had a restful and relaxing weekend. Dale had some commitments so I had plenty of free time for hanging around, watching tv, and knitting. Yesterday we did a bit of Christmas shopping and decorating at home and then last night we went to Vespers at Wheaton College, my alma mater.

But all day yesterday I felt kind of off. Punky, if you are familiar with that term. Not quite sick but not quite right either. I went to bed last night hoping to feel better this morning but that’s not the case. I now have a legitimate cold. Stuffy nose, sore throat, headache, body ache – you know the drill. Ugh.

Today will be spent drinking tea and napping. Maybe there will be some knitting but right now all I want to do is sleep.

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  1. Stay inside – warm and cozy! Today is definitely a better day to stay inside if you can – it’s awful out there. Feel better soon.

  2. Feel better!

    Re: Twilight — I found it a page turner but that’s about it — got tiresome after awhile, amber eyes and all! I think I’ll put it on the banned books list for M. 😉

  3. Crud! Feel better soon. I recommend turkey soup, ginger tea and Cold-eez. On me at least Cold-eez often works even if I’m a couple of days into it.

  4. Feel better! Yesterday was one of those days – we all felt it over here too, though happily none of us has succumbed to an actual illness. (I’m working on the theory that it was a chocolate hangover.)

  5. Oh, hope you feel better real soon…enjoy the napping it’s not often we get to do that…

    Vespers sounded like it was a wonderful evening! I think that would have been something I would have enjoyed.

    Is Wheaton far from your town…(my geography skills are the pits)

  6. Hope you feel better quickly. I started feeling punky last Sunday and it took all the way to Friday to have anything really develope. It was a sore throat and laryngitis and general fatigue. I hope that mine goes away faster than it took to get here. Tea, knitting and especially napping are just what the doctor ordered.

  7. Oh, crud. I have been feeling like I’m fighting something off, too. I keep hoping I will outrun it, but sooner or later I fear it will catch me.

  8. You went to Wheaton?? My fifteen year old has been really talking it up to us lately. She and I plan on doing some online research this weekend. You loved it, yes?

  9. Take good care of yourself, and please do not feel the need to respond to this, just rest and recover. Raw honey in some hot water is really soothing to me. If you were close enough I would pop by with some chicken soup.

  10. Wheaton is such a pretty college. We played them in sports quite often and I always liked that campus. I bet it’s lovely this time of year.

    Feel better soon!

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