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Things I Did This Weekend

In no particular order, this weekend I:

~Bought myself some tulips.

I’m so sick of snow and ice and cold. These helped to brighten things up a bit. Thanks for the suggestion, Deb!

~Baked a pound cake.

It wasn’t as light and fluffy as I thought it would be but it was good. Those of you who know me know that I bake when I’m stressed which leads me to . . .

~Moved more stuff out of my father’s mobile home. It feels like every time we take one step forward we take two steps back. I could sure use any good thoughts, prayers and energy that you could send my way this week. I won’t say more right now but things might actually be moving in the right direction.

~Went to the movies. The Oscar nominations are out and now my goal is to see as many of the nominated films as I can so yesterday we saw Frost/Nixon. It was fantastic. Go!

~Hung out with Mason.

That’s for you, Cookie.

What did you do this weekend?

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  1. I went church shopping with some members of my current church. Spent oodles of time getting all of my forms filled out and various copies made of those and USGS maps to file for an RDA (Request for Determination of Applicability) so we can have the tree carnage in my yard and protected wetland taken care of- basically cut down the remaining trees that snapped off in the ice storm and remove 4 more than pose a risk off falling on my house in a future storm. Sending you my prayers and good vibes regarding your father’s house.

  2. Love the tulips! They do help to give hope that spring will come in spite of all the snow on the ground. I might just have to go get some today.

  3. You are in my prayers. Cleaning out my mother’s place was one of the hardest things I ever had to do. I was good for a cry each time I went to her home. It took me months to do it. Hopefully everything will be resolved soon so you can move on. Treat yourself to a little something each time your have to deal with it – it helps. The tulips are beautiful.

  4. This weekend we spent some time with family, built a table, played Mario Kart and I did some sewing. Now I have a full week’s worth of work ahead of me. I can’t wait until next weekend!

  5. Basketball, basketball, basketball. All my good thoughts being sent to ease your stress. And one thing to add to it – you have the wrong link for me. If I’m gonna get the free publicity and all – just sayin! Can’t wait to see Frost/Nixon. Maybe this week while SOMEONE is in Austrailia….

  6. OMG – unless it wasn’t me you were referring to!! Isn’t that the height of vanity? I saw “Deb” and just assumed you meant me. Like there isn’t anyone else with that name in the world. I’m SO sorry….

  7. Hmm… I kept Dan healthy…. saw my friends and …oh, yeah. I became an AUNT! 😉 I can send you some new baby smell… that’s like 10 prayers in one wiff.

    i’m always thinking good thoughts for you…

  8. You don’t want to know, it was so blindingly dull, involving things like finally carting Christmas decorations down to the cellar, and ripping out the previously cited short row heel. There was a house explosion in our locale, though.

  9. Those tulips are so cheery! This weekend was busy, but E and I enjoyed watching Mamma Mia on Saturday night. i just love Colin Firth!

  10. I have roses to bright things up. It was our 29th anniversary yesterday. One thing I didn’t do was think about the blog. 😉

  11. I missed my husband this weekend! His job took him to Malden for what was supposed to be a week but has now turned into ten days. Is Malden anywhere near you? He doesn’t have much time for sightseeing but is there a resturaunt he should try?

    By the way, it’s 8° here in Denver and snowing like crazy when just last week we had a record breaking high of 71°.

  12. Still trying to figure out how a “pound” cake would translate to “light and fluffy”. 🙂
    Beautiful tulips and cat. Sorry about the rest of it. Bleh.

  13. You had a nice weekend! I spent a day and a half reorganizing/rearranging my fiber/sewing room and the rest of the time watching Rudy & Milo play…and play…and play…(I think you get the picture)!

  14. I’ll be keeping you guys in my thoughts, I hope it all works out. *hugs*

    Good to hear you had a good weekend – I spent the weekend maxing out my Sims2 expansion collection…and then playing Sims2 and knitting. ;o)

  15. Tulips, pound cake and Mason. What could be better? Thanks for the kitty photo, Carole. It’s nice getting to see cats on blogs since I’m catless. Or is that cat-free? 😕

    Still thinking about you and sending lots of love and good thoughts. xo

  16. I’ll be keeping you in my thoughts, Carole.

    This weekend, Mike and I tried a new Mexican restaurant (it was tasty), I volunteered at ARF on Saturday morning (it was excellent), I knit and spun and watched many episodes of the X-Files (yay), and then we ended the weekend by going to dinner with some friends (also very fun). I also had some very nice walks and some quality cuddle time with Allie & Zorro.

  17. The tulips are beautiful…

    You are making me hungry again with that beautiful pound cake. I’m always amazed at the denseness of pound cake – I always expect it to be lighter than it actually is.

    Hugs to Mason! He’s looking good.

    Me, I hung out with a knitting friend and her cat for a bit on Sunday.

  18. I ran 10.3 miles with a friend ( we are training for the Hyannis 1/2 marathon on Feb. 22). Then went out to dinner, saw a symphony & laid on the couch all day Sunday! Loved your photos – be gentle with yourself cleaning out your Dad’s place. It isn’t easy but you’ll get through it.

  19. I baked a chocolate cake w/chocolate frosting, made some homemade chili/spaghetti concoction in the crockpot and went to see “Mall Cop” (which won’t make it to the Oscars, but was very funny). My mom always told me “If your having a bad day…bake something. It will make you feel better!”. I know she was right, but I don’t like how the jeans fit!!!

  20. Whatever the struggle, Carole, know you are thought of.
    I do the same thing when the Oscar noms come out. It’s movies every weekend and then some. Revolutionary Road is on my list, along with The Reader. You know, Pound Cake is my therapy. I don’ t even have to eat it…I just have to bake it and give it away.

  21. i did some errands and went to a knitting class on saturday. knit and read. (not at the same time. i can’t knit and read at the same time.) went out to dinner. went to a quilt show on sunday. knit and read. cooked dinner and had some wine.

    i have a great pound cakre recipe. i think it is light and dense at the same time.

  22. I hung out at a cat show, and saw another gorgeous male Siamese…(photos later on my blog) – I am going home tonight and bring TM to the screen to show her Mason.

    We might have a long-distance romance on our hands – that Mason, he sure is handsome…

  23. Carole, I’m sending calming, peaceful vibes your way.

    This weekend I rode the tandem bicycle in warm tropical breezes on ocean cliffs. I played in the surf and got sand up my bikini. I slept on an airplane for most of 12 hours.

    It was a good weekend.

  24. Your tulips are a welcome sight. It’s been gray, gray, gray my way. I will pray for you and your family.

    This weekend I did a wonderfully selfish thing. I sat in my knit shop’s new location and knit for THREE hours. There is a huge fire place and comfy seating. My older girl did some math homework there, then joined me knitting. The price? Laundry, vacuuming, meal prep on Sunday. It was a good trade!

    I hope you have a peaceful week.

  25. Wow. Mason has gorgeous eyes!

    I’m not sure what is behind Mason, but I have pillows in that exact pattern (and colors).

    This weekend I made chili, watched movie and knit on some socks.

  26. The flowers are beautiful, the cake looks tasty, and Mason looks like a wonderful companion. I will continue to keep your situation in mind.

  27. Im sorry it’s been a stressful time for you…those tulips must have helped you smile a little bit. 🙂

    We had a blast this weekend in Barb’s class. 🙂

  28. Sorry you’re feeling stressed. The tulips are a nice pick-me-up. I am very jealous of all the movies you’ve seen. My list is so long but I just can’t seem to carve out the time.

  29. Gorgeous and most comforting. I loved all my cats, but my little dog makes me take her out for walks which is where I get to see the migrating birds. That and church were the high points for my weekend. I know dealing with dad’s stuff is tough…rejoice in your friends (and that includes the flowers ;-)))

  30. such pretty tulips. good for you doing something so nice for yourself. I am sending restorative thoughts out to you, and the prayer for a swift solution to the dilemma of your Dad’s mobile home. I’m sure that clearing it out was a difficult thing to do, but yes, I agree that it is a good step forward.

  31. If I were a kitty, I would have a serious crush on Mason.

    We spent Christmas clearing the attic of DH’s mum’s house. She’s been gone since ’89 and it was still heart-wrenching. I’ll dig out some photos of two oddities we found up there and put them on my blog today as they’re worth a giggle or at least a cringe.

    Good luck! And I think your therapeutic baking looks yummy.

  32. You know, I am always surprised when pound cake isn’t dense (light and fluffy is just not what I think of when I think pound cake). I wonder if there is a Mason/Dixon thing going on with that. Yours look delicious – beautiful top.

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