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Inauguration Day.

There were times when it felt like it would never come.

It’s finally here.

Bring it on!

I’ll be sitting on the couch, watching the coverage, all day long. Of course I’ll be knitting. In fact, I’m just starting the second Crew sock. I bet I’m done by the end of today.

It’s going to be a great day!

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  1. Knit on!

    I’ll be watching from somewhere – my computer at work, probably, but watching nonetheless. It is indeed a great day!

  2. One of the women in my knitting group is hosting an Inauguration Day Brunch … and WB and I are going to be there with bells on.

  3. what an exciting day. i wish i had made the decision to go downtown today, but it’s cold and i’m sick and damn…those crowds!

  4. My office has arranged to watch the important bits via live stream online in our big old TV in the conference room…but then I have to get back to work 🙂 Hooray for new leadership!

  5. Yes we will have a good day…I’ve already used my share of kleenex…it just felt so wonderful when he walk away from the helicopter and walked up the stairs. Then when they introduced him as President of the United States at the luncheon, I cried.

    It is so wonderful to see the fruits of many people working together to see that this election was possible.

  6. We watched in the dining hall at school. It was really fantastic to be in a warm, familiar place (for us), packed with friends and professors, cheering and whistling at the bits we liked.

  7. running between music practice and the pharmacy I caught the whole speech on NPR (talk about lucky timing), then later some of the comments and interviews. a good day’s work. back to knitting…

  8. I was so proud of my students. They listened to the entire broadcast and when the National Anthem was sung, they all got up and sang along – no prompting from me! Even my girl who won’t stand for the pledge. Great emotions today!

    Cheerful green socks!

  9. It has been a wonderful, emotional, tearful day. I also spent it with kids who got up and sang the national anthem. Today we begin anew. This calls for starting a new project don’t ‘cha think? Do you think the wips/ufos are like debt if we just keep starting new ones? Maybe I’d better finish this bib before I start those mittens. The socks are great!

  10. Out of respect, I watched the President get sworn in, but by no means did I make it an all day event. Besides, I had Nonna duty with the grandboy.

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