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Everyday Cardigan

I told myself last Friday that if my hair came out good I’d put on the Everyday Cardigan and take some self portraits.  So here we are.  And can I just say?  Self portraits are hard!


Taking self portraits involves a lot of walking back and forth.  Move the tripod closer.  Take a photo with the remote.  Walk back and check.  Move the tripod closer still.  Take a photo with the remote.  Walk back and check.  You get the idea.  It takes a while.


And you feel a little silly, too.  Holding up the collar, throwing your arms out to the side, posing for no one in site – you hope!  But it was worth it because I really wanted to show you my new favorite sweater.


The fit is just what I wanted and the color is great.  Sometimes it looks green, sometimes brown, but it always has those colorful flecks of blue and purple and pink and white.  I only made one modification to the pattern – I lengthened it by a couple of inches.  Easy to do and it made it much more wearable for me.


I thought I might have a hard time finding buttons that would match but I actually found 3 different ones that I liked.  I went with these metal ones and I love them. I also love the way the collar is knit. You pick up stitches and then knit 2X2 rib and then a few rows of garter stitch. This makes a pretty little roll and I think this style collar should be used more often.


I’ve worn it a LOT since I finished it and that’s the real test. And Peace Fleece, while it may be a little bit scratchy until it’s been washed a few times, doesn’t pill!


I guess this is all meant to say: I love it!

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  1. I love that sweater. I lusted after it at SPA. I have to check my stash. I’m almost positive I bought that pattern when we visited Peace Fleece many many moons ago.

  2. The sweater, you, and your hair all look great! Peace Fleece is really, so far, the best yarn I’ve used. It does soften nicely if you soak it in a good dose of hair conditioner, too. But it always looks great, it doesn’t pill. And may I add, IT DOESN’T PILL. !!!! 🙂

  3. Look how cute you are! Love the sweater…my first cardigan was Peace Fleece, and it has worn SO well–it’s my favorite. Beautiful! (Like the new blogspace, too. You’ve probably been here for awhile, but I’m a little slow on the uptake *s*).

  4. What a great sweater. Years ago I swiped an old fishman’s sweater of my dad’s with flecks of color in the wool. Your wool reminds me of the sweater. I cannot even figure out the dang flash on my easy-peasy camera. Setting a timer would send me over the edge! And your hair? Eat your heart out, Breck girls! (only funny if you remember the Breck ads!)

  5. As well you should! It’s beautiful! It’s a perfect fit and that yarn is stunningly rustic (is that a phrase?), so many colorful flecks.

  6. You look sensational!
    I never have gotten the knack of self portraits,
    And the sweater is pretty fabulous too!
    Seriously, it looks like one of those sweaters that is destined to become a favorite.
    Congrats on not only a great completion, but fabulous hair, and gorgeous you 😉

  7. Not bad for working it by yourself. You are right about the collar. I have neatness issues with a plain roll from the body of the sweater. THe ribbing before it answers that perfectly.

  8. Looks great, Carole! I LOVE Peace Fleece…. and I’m always extolling it’s non-pilling virtues to anyone at the yarn shop who will listen to me. 🙂

  9. Congratulations on the new cardi. It looks great and I can tell it’s going to see a lot of daylight. That’s the kind of sweater everyone needs.

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