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Everyday Cardigan

I told myself last Friday that if my hair came out good I’d put on the Everyday Cardigan and take some self portraits.  So here we are.  And can I just say?  Self portraits are hard!


Taking self portraits involves a lot of walking back and forth.  Move the tripod closer.  Take a photo with the remote.  Walk back and check.  Move the tripod closer still.  Take a photo with the remote.  Walk back and check.  You get the idea.  It takes a while.


And you feel a little silly, too.  Holding up the collar, throwing your arms out to the side, posing for no one in site – you hope!  But it was worth it because I really wanted to show you my new favorite sweater.


The fit is just what I wanted and the color is great.  Sometimes it looks green, sometimes brown, but it always has those colorful flecks of blue and purple and pink and white.  I only made one modification to the pattern – I lengthened it by a couple of inches.  Easy to do and it made it much more wearable for me.


I thought I might have a hard time finding buttons that would match but I actually found 3 different ones that I liked.  I went with these metal ones and I love them. I also love the way the collar is knit. You pick up stitches and then knit 2X2 rib and then a few rows of garter stitch. This makes a pretty little roll and I think this style collar should be used more often.


I’ve worn it a LOT since I finished it and that’s the real test. And Peace Fleece, while it may be a little bit scratchy until it’s been washed a few times, doesn’t pill!


I guess this is all meant to say: I love it!

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  1. The sweater looks great! And you take some amazing self-portraits… When I try, it’s with the camera at arm’s length, and I always have these odd expressions (that clearly say “this is silly, wtf am I doing???”). I’ve been told by several people that washing a scratchy sweater (think Bartlett) in a rinse of hair conditioner (or Murphy’s oil soap!) softens it… though I haven’t actually tried this.

  2. Very nicely done! I love all of the little details. And that rolled collar is one of my favorites, too.

  3. I like this classic sweater, it would go with so much in my wardrobe. The metal buttons compliments the flecks of color. Nice job, I may have to add this to my to do list.

  4. It turned out so well and looks great on you!

    And, although I don’t have to hit the remote for my camera to do self-portraits, I know what you mean about the rest of it.

  5. It looks stunning on you – great color, great fit. Very very nice! (You shouldn’t worry about your hair, BTW. Your smile would easily make up for any hair issues, although… your hair looks mighty nice too.)

  6. It looks great Carole. And good job with the photos – I never post pics of myself because I can never get them looking decent. Enjoy your cardi!

  7. Beautiful sweater and it looks fabulous on you! Your hair looks wonderful too. Also I think you did a great job with the self portraits.

  8. The sweater looks TERRIFIC! And so do you. SPs are VERY hard!! One of these days I’m going to figure out how to make the camera-to-computer connection and shoot tethered!

  9. WOW…I think you did a great job on the pics & the sweater! Love the color(s)…you really can wear it every day with all those flecks of color! You look Mah-vah-lous (channeling Billy Crystal)

  10. I’ve tried a few self portraits on my photo blog, so I know what you mean. It’s not easy. You did a great job on the photos and the sweater. You’ll be wearing this classic for a long time.

  11. Great sweater and very good job of the self-portraits! I’ll have to try that next time I need some shots 🙂

  12. You look very carefree Carole; nicely done! I LOVE the sweater and it looks wonderful on you. I particularly love the flecks of colour in the yarn – I have never used Peace Fleece and have wondered about the scratchy quality. The neck treatment is great and certainly compliments the sweater. This is definitely a classic. Congrats on such a wonderful garment for yourself!

  13. I love it too! The yarn is beautiful and your hair looks fabulous! Thanks for going through all the hard work of taking pics – ANTM has nothing on you!

  14. Truly a classic! I’ve never knit a sweater, but your is quite an inspiration…hmmm…no about that yarn diet….

  15. Way back when Peace Fleece was young, my aunt sent my grandmother yarn for a sweater for me. It softened after two washings. I wore that thing for years and years (15?) and it still looked new. Plus, Peace Fleece has done so much good for the world — a truly wonderful organization. The early newsletters were riveting, stories of dealing with the black market, trying to get veterinary supplies…

    Your cardi is beautiful, but you outshine it.

    Did you get any funny running away from the camera shots where the timer clicked before you could pose? That’s typical for my SP’s, but still better than letting DD try to shoot a photo…

  16. Such a great sweater! I haven’t knit with peace fleece in a long time, but this could tempt me :).

    Those are great self portraits!

  17. The sweater is wonderful! I love those all those colors in the yarn. You look mahvelous, dahling!

    Thanks for the deets on that neck — I am planning a baby sweater as a gift and that is exactly the kind of edging I was looking for.

  18. I am so much more attracted to sweaters that say “live in me” than avante-guard styles. I am eager to try your collar modification – great idea.

    Thanks for the tip on the Peace Fleece. It’s a name I recognize, but not a yarn I have knit.

  19. Wow! You did a great job, not just on the sweater but the self-portraits!
    It’s a very pretty Peace Fleece sweater and looks terrific on you!

  20. Your hair looks great – and I love the sweater. It is so pretty – the yarn is lovely!!! Like the buttons a lot. You look great in your new sweater…

  21. That’s the sweater I’ve been wanting to make…the exact sweater! I have had the yarn…the exact same yarn and color!…and the pattern for years. I may have to post your photos in my workroom to get me going. Glad you took the time to pose so nicely. 😉

  22. Brilliant sweater! After the endorsements from you & Norma, I may actually try some peace fleece. I was really put off by the scratchiness.

  23. You’ve totally inspired me. You look fantastic!!! I may have to copy you and make one of those for myself. It’s one of those classic styles that you probably end up wearing a lot. I even have the perfect yarn in my stash for this sweater. Now .. if I could only free up some time to knit it. 😉

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