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New Hampshire Sheep & Wool 2008

This past weekend was my fourth time attending New Hampshire Sheep and Wool and I have to agree with Norma – this is my favorite fiber festival of them all. The setting is beautiful, the vendors are terrific, and (generally speaking) all my peeps are there.

Dale and I headed north on Friday after work. It was so wonderful to have an entire weekend away. While the festival was our main goal in going away, we also relished our time together in the hotel. We had a beautiful room with a jacuzzi, room service and very nice amenities. It was the perfect respite each evening.

I’m sure you’re happy to hear about our romantic getaway but I know why you’re really here – to hear about the festival. I wouldn’t dream of disappointing you. Allow me to present Saturday:

Like any good fiber festival, it’s all about the people.

People who goof on you.


People who hug.

People who wear shawls.

And people who wear boots.

People who buy a fleece.

And people who exclaim over the fleece. Truly, this is the picture of the day. As always, more pictures are available on my flickr page.

The best part about Saturday was that I really got a chance to visit with everyone. Because there are no lines cough, Maryland, cough there is lots more time for catching up, hanging out, shopping and even knitting. It was relaxing and I honestly felt like there was time for everything and that’s certainly something that doesn’t happen often at a fiber festival. Hooray for the laidbackness that is NH!

Come back tomorrow and I’ll show you the excitement that was Sunday morning.

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  1. Perfect description of the time for everything festival.

    Y’know, that picture of me was taken (as you so very well knew) when I was just blown away by that fleece. I’m almost embarrassed. Almost.

  2. Boy, I do love my boots. Almost too much really.

    Can you believe four years ago we were both at NH sheep and Wool and didn’t even know each other? We probably walked right by each other! And Kathy was there that year too. Strange to think about.

  3. Yes, MA’AM. The best of all of them. It didn’t hurt that the weather was absolutely perfect. What more could we ask — except those of us who wore black at about 4:30 — oh, yes, to borrow friends’ shawls!

  4. Looks like you had an absolute blast. I was so sorry I didn’t get to go this time. Sigh.
    Next year.

  5. It was a perfect day! And Laurie’s reaction to the CVM fleece was priceless!

  6. hmmm – sounds like that might be the show I should try and attend some day (it’s a toss up between that one and Rhinebeck).
    Great photos of all the peeps – (and I recognize a whole bunch of folks in there – heh heh)

  7. I’m thinking this may be the show for me. All those people standing in line for ages does not appeal.

    I wanna hear more, Carole!

  8. It was a Perfect time! Love meeting you finally! As well as all the other bloggers! And those that don’t have blogs! And, seeing old friends!

    It was the most amazing feeling! It was filled with fun and excitement. I truly did “float” through it!!!!

  9. Sounds like you had a nice time. But I will point out that the MDS&W Sunday experience is vastly different from the Saturday one — I think the only line I encountered the whole day was the one for my mid-afternoon fried dough break.

  10. Great pix! And even though I was there for the excitement Sunday morning, I’ll come back to hear you tell it. (Not always, but often, I hear your voice when I read your posts. I am sure this is not a sign of incipient schizophrenia.)

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