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Mass Sheep & Wool

At two hours and forty-five minutes from home, Massachusetts Sheep & Wool is hardly the perfect day trip. But we all know that never stops a fiber enthusiast! So, on Saturday Dale and I and Sharon and Al left bright and early for Cummington.

The chatting in the car made the ride go quickly and it seemed like we arrived in no time. We were greeted in the parking lot by Juno and Cate and that was the perfect start to a day of friends and fiber.

The first sheep we saw was this one. I call him Lyle Lovett.

Once we started wandering around we quickly bumped into Kathy, Manise, Laurie and Jess. We spent some time shopping together and then had a wonderful picnic lunch of fried chicken, potato salad and wine.


After lunch we shopped some more while we waited for the fleece sale. And yes, I did indeed buy a beautiful merino fleece. Al asked me how many fleeces I had at home and I looked at him pointedly and said, “that’s irrelevant. I don’t have this fleece.”


We then spent the best part of the day – lolling around on the grass, taking photos, chatting, knitting and spindle spinning. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again, it’s the gathering of friends that truly makes these festivals special.

Friends like Cheryl and Mel.

And dear sweet Cate.

And Jackie and her brand new baby bump!

The day really flew by and before I knew it we were dropping Sharon and Al at their front door. It was great to spend such wonderful time with friends amongst the fiber.

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  1. How did I miss you?! I saw literally everyone else in your photos, although briefly. We only stayed about 45 minutes (one big loop around) as we had a hospital visit in Springfield that was the main reason for the trip. Lovely fleece.

  2. Ah, vicarious living.

    I’m going to remember that line. I don’t have *this* fleece, roving, yarn, spinning wheel… the possibilities are endless.

  3. I love Lyle! What fun you had. So what if we had to have our own boring festival on my porch, alone, without you, or anyone els for that matter. Bitter – nah!

  4. Sounds like a perfect day!! That’s the best fleece answer I’ve ever heard. It would work great for yarn too!

  5. I love the sheep named Lyle. Awesome. Wasn’t Saturday a glorious day? I went to the festival too, bought more yarn, and some maple cream. Yum.

  6. Look how long Cate’s hair got! And look at Jackie’s bump! And look at that fleece– my, that is gorgeous! Sigh.

  7. I completely agree about the “hanging out with fiber friends” being the best part of festivals. Looks like you had all the usual great bunch of folks. Very fun.

    Lyle lovett .. heh heh – you crack me up. Such a perfect name for that sheep.

  8. It sounds like you had a perfectly wonderful and emergency free time! So how many fleeces DO you have at home Carole? 🙂

  9. It was definitely a fabulous date with great friends. thank’s girlfriend

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