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Ten on Tuesday

This week’s Ten on Tuesday is Ten Favorite Vacation Moments. Ahhh, vacation. Now this is a list I loved writing and it’s gotten me very excited about our upcoming week at our rental house on Cape Cod!


1. Not setting the alarm. I still usually wake up early but it’s much more pleasant to wake up on my own.
2. Going to the beach. Any beach makes me happy.
3. Eating out. I love trying restaurants in new locations.
4. Eating in. There’s more time to relax and enjoy cooking and eating when you aren’t rushing to get it on the table after working all day.
5. Fishing. Because a bad day fishing is still better than a good day at work.
6. Watching morning television. I like to knit and watch Ellen for a bit and then some Rachael Ray and the hot topics segment of The View.
7. Drinking beer at the beach in the afternoon and having cocktails on the deck before dinner.
8. Sightseeing, shopping in unique places, and going out for ice cream.
9. Playing cards and doing puzzles.
10. Spending lots and lots of uninterrupted time with my family.

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  1. Great list! I especially liked “because a bad day fishing is still better than a good day at work.” 🙂

  2. We used to spend a week each summer on the Cape, but haven’t since my mom died. Mostly because the rental we had is now the owners full-time residence. And trying to find another has been a challenge. This winter we’ll start the search again.

  3. You’ve got more vacation time! I’m jealous. And in such a lovely spot. I like not setting an alarm too…

  4. That sounds so great! I especially like not waking up to an alarm. I don’t mind waking up at 7:00 (naturally) when I get to do fun things all day!

  5. fishing is a spectator sport for me – yet I can surely appreciate the catch 🙂
    your list sounds wonderful – how many days till your rental on the Cape?

  6. We took different routes on this topic…I love your list…it’s perfect and what makes a vacation memorable!!!

    BTW, I’m having a contest on my blog…I think I posted it Sunday…

  7. Ah, Cape Cod! My very favorite place to vacation.

    Where on the Cape are you going to be?

    I wish I were there right now!

  8. The perfect vacation list, except I’d put reading instead of fishing. Ahhh, the good ole summertime.

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