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Random Wednesday

Things are a little hectic right now – mostly on a social level but also at work since I go on vacation for two weeks in just one day – so today you get random stuff. Because it’s quick and it’s what I’ve got.

~ There are no pictures with this post because my blog host upgraded my version of Movable Type the other day and now I can’t upload photos. Grrrr. I had pictures to go with some of these random things but I’ll save those for later. In the meantime, well, things will be pictureless. Sorry about that.

~ I have no idea what it was about the haikai post but I haven’t received that few comments since this blog was new. Norma might think it’s talking about charity knitting that shuts everyone up but now I know that it’s actually poetry that makes me hear nothing but crickets chirping.

~ Dale and I have adjusted our schedules this summer so that we commute together 4 days per week. I go in around 7 and leave around 2, which I love. And I get to knit on the ride to and from work, which I love even more. You know what I don’t love? Having to make conversation at 7 am. I’m a morning person but I like my mornings to be quiet.

~ We’ve had some pretty crazy weather here lately. In fact, we even had a tornado warning last week. I kept thinking that a tornado in Massachusetts would give me something really cool to blog about but I sure was relieved when they called off that warning and nothing had happened.

~ We are really enjoying our CSA this year. The vegetables are more “mainstream” and we’ve been getting corn every week so Dale is a happy guy. I have truly fallen in love with my CSA, though, after going with Kathy last week to pick up her farm share and finding out that she has to pick most of her vegetables herself. It was hot out there, I tell you! And it was a lot of work. I’m glad we have the Lazy CSA. Sounds like the name of a cattle ranch, doesn’t it?

~ I tried plurking for a while but I stopped. I couldn’t take the pressure of keeping up with those dancing bananas.

~ I have not been able to stop playing PackRat, however. If you have a facebook account I highly recommend that you avoid this application. Really, it’s the most fun biggest time suck ever.

~ The other day I brought a plum to work and then at lunch time I couldn’t find it. I found it when I went to leave at the end of the day, though, because I squashed it into the bottom of my bag when I put my laptop inside. Luckily the plum guts didn’t damage the laptop but things were a bit sticky in there.

I guess I had more time and more to say than I thought I would. Enjoy some randomness today!

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  1. Heh – plum guts.

    Wish we had a CSA available, but alas. I wouldn’t even mind picking my own. Well, ok, that might be a stretch – I don’t like bugs and I can’t stand the heat outdoors.

  2. I commute with Thom, but I have to drive one way, so I can only knit one one leg of the commute! You’ve got a better deal than I do 🙂

  3. We actually did have a tornado up here last week! Crazy. I suppose now that I think about it, it would have given me something cool to blog about, but I missed that opportunity. I do need to get back on the blogging horse at some point here though.

  4. Vacation..NICE. Whatcha gonna do? Can’t get myself to even look at Plurk or Twitter. I can barely keep up with my blog.

  5. I get up every morning in the summer with Jon – just so I can annoy him by talking to him! Tornado warnings are a weekly occurance around here – we just ignore them now. Lastly – “plum guts” is making me laugh my butt of this morning!!

  6. I’m having trouble with Plurk too. It’s about all I can do to say “hi” and “bye”.

  7. Quiet is Right! Since I retired, I get up and read my blog feeds that appear overnight (like yours) and don’t even go see my husband in the kitchen until that is done. He woke me this morning and continued talking and talking, just to tell me we got lots of rain overnight (two heavy and loud thunderstormes) and that he hadn’t gone fishing!! Who cares that early in the morning. Leave me alone or at least be quiet!

  8. I just checked out Plurk. Interesting. I’m with the others, though. I either have time to blog or knit or read Ravelry posts – but not all at the same time. Adding Plurk would throw me over the edge. 🙂

  9. I have to pick my own veggies in my CSA, and I have to weed it myself, too. Of course, mine is located in my back yard… ;o)

    I’ve been plurking less, too. Too much of a time-suck – I have a garden to weed, after all.

  10. I almost had squashed plums the other day. The grocery clerk obviously failed Bagging 101. He put the plums in the bag with the carton of milk, and the tomatoes in the bag with a cantaloupe. Moron. Fortunately I caught it and moved things around before I left.

  11. My boss had some plums on his desk the other day and I begged one – it was great. I should buy more plums.

    Have a great vacation!

  12. I like your random. Although, I do hope you figure out how to get photos uploaded soon.

    At least, you found the plum before it grew hair. ;^)

  13. Sorry about the plum tragedy. My husband was craving plums in the middle of the night. Come to think of it, I would like one now, too.

  14. Yup…poetry is intimidating!
    Yeah for CSAs!
    Eeewwwwwwwwww – Plum guts in the bottom of the bag? (Not your Nana Sadie Rose, I hope?)
    Have a great vacay!

  15. The other reason I like that my CSA fills the box for me is they put things in that I wouldn’t pick, which forces to be more creative culinarily. I’d just choose the same-old, same-old if it was left up to me.

    I don’t Plurk, but I Twitter.
    Wow, that sounds really lame.

  16. Have a fabulous vacation!

    The haikai struck me as… I dunno… a private communication. Not off-putting, but also not inviting of public comment.

  17. I am totally avoiding Plurk.
    Those upgrades that prevent regular blogging are annoying. I find it takes me days to figure things out… Good Luck with yours.

  18. I tried Plurk but it’s a waste of time for me. Not like I don’t find plenty of other things to spend time on.

  19. If you think PackRat is a time-suck, try dealing with insurance companies in the aftermath of a tornado! We had a tornado in May, I blogged and bitched about it and still dealing with it!

  20. i’m sorry now i didn’t comment on the haikai, i really liked the images in it but it seemed one of those things that was best appreciated in silence. there was nothing i could have added to it. and i remember a few years ago when i still lived in MA there was tornado warnings and a newspaper article about it said per acreage MA actually has the most tornados of all the states. crazy huh?

    enjoy your vacation!

  21. Plum guts, heheheh 🙂

    I’ve tried and tried to plurk but I just don’t get it.

    Enjoy your vacay hunny!

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