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Mama’s Got a Brand New Ride


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Can anyone tell me what this is?


Or how about this?


If you haven’t guessed by now then this should be the true give away shot. Yes, I have bought a bicycle. It’s an Electra Hawaii Cruiser. 3 speed. Coaster brakes. It’s not built for speed but then again, neither am I.


Isn’t she beautiful? If you read Claudia’s post from a few days back then this probably isn’t a big surprise. Claudia gave me some great advice on purchasing a bike and then turned it into a really helpful blog post. Really, if you’re thinking about a bike then talk to Claudia.


My bike, which came from REI – what a great store! – had to be ordered because they didn’t have the red in stock. I think it was well worth the wait, though. We picked it up Thursday night and I road it around the neighborhood for a while. Friday I did my first BAT/KAT run as I road it to Town Hall to pay our tax bill.


We took our first big excursion on Saturday and went to the canal and road the bike path there. We had a great lunch in view of the Bourne Bridge and probably biked about 5-6 miles total. That’s not a lot of miles but it was enough for our first trip. I got loads of compliments on my beautiful new bike and that was cool.


And every time she got a second look, I rang the bell. Riding this bike is a blast!

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  1. I love your new bike! And way to go with the BAT/KAT rides. I have a mental block against post but I have been trying lately, too. Have fun!

  2. great bike for the canal bike path and riding around town. can you ride from your house all the way to the canal? will you be able to ride to work?

  3. Way cute! I’m thinking about biking sometime soon (not here in Tucson, heavens no) and I’ve always wanted a bike like that. Someone convinced me to buy a “serious” bike once, and it took all the joy out of bike riding for me.

  4. Oh I LOVE it!! I got a new bike this spring and it has a bell too. I love “dinging” it throught own!! Safe riding!!

  5. Awesome–it’s so pretty! I have a bike but I also live in a valley…what goes down hill must come back up! I’d be pushing it more than riding. I do use it when we go camping.

  6. Hi. Congratulations on your new wheels. I love the color. Many years of enjoyment to you. Have a great day. sandy

  7. Oh it’s pretty! I have been thinking about getting a bike for a while now. I am worried about spending the money on one and then hardly using it. How did you know you would actually use it?

  8. What a great bike! You’ll have so much fun with it. I pulled my old bike out of the garage this summer and started riding again–unfortunately, the excessive heat and humidity have kept me inside more than outside. I hope to get back on the saddle in the fall. Have fun!

  9. LOVE the red! I got a new bike this summer as well. I forgot what fun riding can be. Enjoy!

  10. When I started reading about your first excursion I thought you actually rode your bike out to the Cape! I was going to tell you how energetic you are – then I read carefully and figure it out. Duh!!!

    Bike riding in my town of Tiverton is so defeating. Nothing but big hills. Ughhhh..

    Nice bike – enjoy it. Great exercise!

  11. I love the cool Hawaii decals! I’ve never ridden down the Canal, is it fun? I rode the Cape Cod rail trail once or twice and it’s kind of boring, flat and hot.

  12. I fell in love with an Electra last fall in Anchorage AK. It was deep dark purple with gold Indian inspired designs on it and the saddle. Nice!!!!

  13. So cute! I’ve been looking at those for awhile now, but I (unexpectedly) had to buy a new fridge this weekend, so I guess it’s going to wait for awhile.

    I’ll ride vicariously, through you!

  14. OH! You and Claudia make me ALMOST think that I could ride a bike again. ALMOST.
    I love love love your new bike! I would SO get a bell too! (Embarrassing my kids to no end! ha!)

  15. what a cool looking bike! ever since i lived in sweden i’ve kind of liked the old school look with the bells. i made sure i got a bell when i bought a new bike a couple years ago, but no one seems to know what it means when i ring it on the bike path!

  16. I am so jealous of your cool bike with the flowers! Mine is a red one speed without handbrakes. I am Old School.

  17. I bought an Electra too, one week ago today. The Townie 21, cool blue color. Great bikes!

  18. Verra-verra cool! I’m not so sure the flowers would be for me (I have a thing about that ever since my custom-made kitchen cabinetry arrived 20 years ago with carved twee flowers that I did not order…and they’re still there in my kitchen mocking me). But I would love a red bike like that, sans flowers. Have fun with it!

  19. What a beauty! I’m now off to search on that…have been thinking it was just what I need to get back in shape – and I’m with you 3-speeds are just enough, as I’m more of the slow-road kinda gal!

    Have wonderful rides on it!

  20. Nice! We are hoping to bring a couple of bikes back from Maine this weekend, but I doubt they’ll be as pretty as yours. 🙂

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