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Rhineback Wrap Up

I promise to stop talking about Rhinebeck after this post. And I really wasn’t going to post about it again but then I remembered a few random things about the weekend and decided I just had to tell you about them before we all moved away from this subject. And so, a Random Rhinebeck list.

~We saw so many February Lady Sweaters that I came up with the February Lady Sweater drinking game. Every time you saw one you had to drink. If you talked to someone wearing one you had to do a shot of tequila. You could get drunk almost as fast as playing the Sarah Palin Debate Drinking game. (You know that one, right? You drink every time she says “maverick.”)

~Go read Kathy’s post about our issues with beer. Honestly, I think I’ll be hearing the sound of clanking beer bottles in my head for a long time.

~Some people asked about what I bought. It really wasn’t that much. Some cormo/silk from Foxfire (white), some cormo from Foxhill (also white), two BFL braids from Cloverleaf (shades of hot pink), two skeins of Botanical shades for Selbuvotter mittens (one gold and one green), and enough yarn to knit Dale a vest (dark blue). I know you’d like to see a picture but, as Sandy pointed out yesterday, the dark days have arrived and its damned hard to get a photo during the week.

~I was really happy to meet Scout. And I hope you don’t think I’m too weird when I tell you that she smells really good.

~I ate artichokes french.  And drank beer.  I truly love that this particular fiber festival sells beer.

~That is all.  Carry on.

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  1. I totally forgot about the beer – I’m hoping DH doesn’t remember because that would have been cruel of me to deny him after he carried around a cage with bunny for awhile……

  2. And people still think knitters are boring! I guess they need to wake up and play the drinking game!

    I still want a February Lady.


  3. I loved the beer but had too few. Scout does have a nice smile. There is always one sweater that takes the knitters by storm. Happily my FLS was not warm enough for the Festival.

  4. The number of Feb Lady Sweaters and the crazy amount of Clapotis could account for my beer consumption on Saturday afternoon. Add in a few Fetchings and you have yourself a raucous drinking game.

  5. Waaah. You certainly won’t see beer at our fiber festival. They didn’t even have any real food at the last one. I think they had some donuts or something.

    All I can say is that I’m feeling like a maverick this morning, and if I had a FLS, I’d put it on and call you.

  6. I still want to make myself a February Lady sweater too one of these days. Maybe I’ll drink while making it just to keep it more interesting.

  7. Hmmmm… drunken stash enhancement. I probably would have spent all of the mortgage money on fibery goodness. Or spindles.

  8. Yum. I didn’t have my Artichokes French festi-for-one — was too worn out from the Halloween party! And had plenty of sweets on Saturday, besides.

    I was looking at a Flickr stream from the festival wherein the photographer had both numbered the images and photographed a lot of FLSs in passing — I was beginning to think that the numbers were the QUANTITY of FLSs she saw, not photographs taken… FLS 168… possible?

  9. Howling over the FLS drinking game – too great! I was thinking of making one for myself but after being overwhelmed with them at Rhinebeck I’ve decided to design my own pattern or make something else.

    As for the artichokes – yum! I had a batch all to myself at 10:30 in the morning – brunch I guess.

  10. Kathy’s post is hysterical! Sounds like such a wonderful time.

    I love your drinking games. I wonder what will be the hot knit item next year.

  11. Beer! I’ll have to remember that when I get to go to that one.

    Oh, never tire hearing your adventures at any and all festivals you attend…

  12. Good thing I decided to knit Hey Teach, isn’t it? *L*

    Love the drinking game and the drinking at the festival. Do they have real booze or just beer?

    I don’t think it’s odd, but, every time I a photo of her, I think she looks like she smells good.


  13. oh my… the beer bottle incidents sound hilarious now, but I bet they weren’t when it was happening….
    artichokes french??

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