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A Weekend in Maine

We spent this past weekend in Ogunquit, Maine with Dale’s sister Lisa.  She has a time share up there for the weekend and was really sweet to invite us to spend some time with her.  The place was very nice and had some great features like a whirlpool tub and electric fireplace.  Unfortunately, the weather was crappy.  It rained Friday night and all day Saturday.  Sunday was sunny but cold and windy.

Of course the weather didn’t stop us from getting out a bit and exploring.  We drove up the coast and I took some photos.

They sure are different than the last beach photos I posted.

We visited L.L. Bean, where I did some Christmas shopping.   We played games and drank some wine.  We shared stories and shed a few tears of the very recent death of Lisa’s boyfriend.  We swam in the pool and took a turn in the sauna.   Mostly, though, we just talked and laughed.

And that always makes for a great weekend.

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  1. So interesting how the ocean looks like it’s getting really for winter! I thought you might be away over the weekend — welcome home!

  2. Do you know I visited Ogunquit in November and walked along the beach (such as it is) and saw much the same thing you did. Sounds like a nice relaxing and enjoyable weekend despite the weather.

  3. The sea looks like a churning cauldron! Nice that you got to get away! So sorry to hear about the death of Lisa’s boyfriend.

  4. I so love the ocean in the winter…..beautiful pictures!
    How sad that Lisa lost her fiance……so hard..and sad. 🙁

  5. Beautiful photos. The ocean really does have multiple personalities. It sounds like you had a full weekend. I’m sorry to hear about Lisa’s boyfriend.

  6. THAT is my all-time favorite beach in Maine. We used to dash up from Beverly if we had a (very rare) weekend off from work. My first real boyfriend and I, and a couple of friends, spent a LOT of time on that beach.

    Glad you had a good weekend. Even if the weather wasn’t perfect.

  7. oh, i’m so sorry to hear about lisa’s boyfriend. what a sad loss. i’m sure she was grateful to have you there with her. overall though, it sounds like you had a nice and relaxing time.

  8. I was raised in that area and love it! You must have gone to Perkins Cove as well. Lots of great food there. Even in crappy weather, I love Maine. Fortunately, I’m only 4 hours away.

  9. The Maine ocean is always gorgeous no matter how lousy the weather. Wish I could do that. I’m glad you had such a great weekend!

  10. I’m so glad you and Dale were able to go spend the weekend with Lisa. I’m sure she enjoyed having you both with her.

    The ocean looks amazing. Good thing you have hand knits to keep you warm. xo

  11. Sounds like a nice weekend. I enjoy seeing the ocean in bad weather almost as much as in good. It can be so much more interesting (especially from inside a house or car, warm and dry!).

  12. Carole, those are great pictures and just what picture the Maine Coast looking like during stormy weather. What kind of camera do you have and what
    lenses do you have. I am in the market for a new one.
    I loved the LL Bean trip. Just before I hit the Cape in September, I
    visited my dad and brother in Derry, NH and then headed right
    to LL Bean. Still a fun place to visit. And I loved the drinking
    wine and laughing. Sounds like my kind of a special visit with
    relatives or good friends.

  13. I love the ocean in the wintertime – so powerful and beautiful. Sorry the weather was crappy, but it sounds like you had a great time.

  14. Last time I was in Ogunquit was in an August. Don’t go there in August. The natives will thank you for waiting! The pictures are still beautiful and the idea of a weekend away (not involving a wrestling tournament) is just wonderful.

  15. Now THAT’s my idea of a beach weekend….(tho’ it would have been nice to have a bit less rain). And shopping at LL Bean? What fun! Your photos are wonderful…
    My sympathies to Lisa on her loss. (sigh)

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