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With a Thankful Spirit

A few people have asked about Knit Unto Others, the charity knitting blog that Margene and I have promoted for the last two years. You heard it here first: we aren’t doing it in 2008. Of course we still support knitting for charity but the prospect of tracking knitters and their projects and prizes and their distribution, well, we just didn’t have it in us this year.

We know you understand, just as we know that you don’t need a prize to bribe you into knitting for someone less fortunate. You already know that knitting for charity is a wonderful and rewarding thing. You also know that many of us have much while too many of us have very little. Even without Knit Unto Others you know that now is the time to share that abundance with someone less fortunate.

If I’ve convinced you to do some charity knitting then I hope that you’ll consider making a contribution to Jean’s hat drive. You can read all about it on her blog but the quick and dirty version is that she is collecting hand knit hats for the homeless in New York City. It’s cold out there, people, and everyone could use some wool to keep warm.

If we all knit with a thankful spirit I believe we can really make a difference. Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends – I’ll be back on Friday for Eye Candy Friday: Thanksgiving Style.

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  1. Thank you for helping spread the word, Carole. The first batch of hats will go down to the city on December 11th. Happy Thanksgiving! We’re supposed to be headed up to NH today but Joe woke up sick so I don’t know… hopefully it’s the one-time deal that Daniel had the other day.

  2. Carole, there are many places right in one’s own community that would love receiving knitted donations for its residents/patients. Most towns have a service organization that provides as best it can for the needs of the town’s neediest residents. Nursing homes always need laprobes. Hospitals with a neonatal intensive care unit would welcome hats – call the hospital first and speak ask to speak to someone who could answer that question. Church pastors/priests could also help in directing donations to the neediest. Various churches/town halls have “mitten trees” during the holiday season. Many towns have shelters for the homeless or battered women. I am sure there are many more ideas that I am just not thinking of at the moment. There are many who truly need help right in one’s own back yard.

  3. Thank you for writing this, Carole. It pains me that it’s very hard to light the fire under a lot of people unless there are prizes involved. I’ve even had emails complaining that someone’s prize took too long to get to them or whatever. Sigh. Most people are not like that, though. Thank goodness. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  4. Your Knit Unto Others inspired me last year to knit for charity and I am doing it again this year. It just inspired me – I am sure that many are still doing their charity knitting this year whether you are tracking them or not. Thanks for starting such a great tradition – I am sure it will carry on…..

    Have a great Thanksgiving!

  5. You are so right. It’s about trying to help. Never about goodies for us.

    I hope you are all having a lovely long holiday weekend.


  6. Knitting for others is such a cool thing. Thanks for reminding us – try to knit something every couple of months so that I have stuff on the ready!

    Have a wonderful thanksgiving!!!

  7. For those on Ravelry, there are groups for specific charities or even For the Greater Good if people need some direction. I appreciate the motivation that the Knit Unto Others gave, but I really just charity knit for the really great feeling I get out of doing so. I agree with the comments that everyone has some local charities they can help. Last year, I had a nice scarf that I had made for fun and no one in particular. I had read about the Knit your Bit project to knit scarves for WWII vets but had missed their deadline. So, instead, I took my scarf to our local VFW and asked them to deliver to a WWII vet with their holidy meal program and included a note about why I was sending it and thanking him for his service. If you’d like your faith in knitters revived, check out the results of the Afghans for Afghanistan call for mittens. The timeframe was short, the request for 300 pair of youth mittens and the result was over 1000 pair! And locally, I believe that, “If I knit it someone who needs the warmth will find it.” Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours and thank you for your lovely blog and your inspiration in past years. T

  8. Happy Thanksgiving! And you know I will KUO, KAL or not. In fact last year I think I missed signing up for it entirely while knitting away for whichever charity it was.

  9. I’ve been blessed with a good job and have always kept my ear to the ground for deserving people. I provided hats for a few friend’s moms that were/are going thru chemo, I used luxury yarns for those who could wash them and easy care yarns for others. I just completed a scarf for a lovely man that I’ve never met, but he is a dedicated father and grandfather who goes the extra mile. It is such a priviledge to be able to give something to those that need it. You really can’t believe how good it feels to help someone, you never need to meet them and I really don’t care if they know who I am, bringing anyone comfort brings real happiness. You bring comfort to us in your positive blog, sharing your craft and your life with us.

  10. Well said. Mine will be of the monetary variety this winter. Once I can knit again I’ll be donating knitted items too.

  11. I understand what you mean about not having the energy to inspire and monitor others… sometimes nice ideas can be finished, not carried on. I did do some charity knitting last month, and didn’t get a big response promoting it, but one person who got involved in knitting chemo caps went on to take a massage class so that she could massage peoples’ hands and feet while they were receiving chemo, and make each a hat too. Now, that really did my heart good! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

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