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Red Scarf 2009.2


I finished my second red scarf on Friday. The yarn is the same as the yarn in my first red scarf, Berrocco Ultra Alpaca but this time the pattern is mistake rib.  It’s a simple pattern, maybe a little boring to knit, but it produces great results.

The snow is a bonus that I’m quite happy about it. I just think the white stuff makes a perfect backdrop for the red scarf. Too bad it didn’t arrive in time for our Christmas on the Common celebration. Instead we got soaking rain. Blech.


So how about you? Have you knit a red scarf yet? The deadline is 12/15 so you really need to get cracking!

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  1. Beautiful scarf – I have knit only one and hopefully will finish my second one today. My friend knit 3 for me to send along with mine. The snow was an added bonus this weekend, it really is looking like Christmas around here.

  2. Nice scarf. I love the look of mistake rib, but you’re right about it being a bit boring to knit. I’m crocheting one this year; I’m almost done.

  3. Very pretty! I finished mine and spent a little while with a photo shoot in the snow too- I used a snowy tree for draping. I’m starting a second scarf.

  4. Yup, my 11 y.o. dau. and I were both happy with the snow as a backdrop for photographing the red scarf she just finished (see blog or knitspot kal on ravelry for cottonhollow’s red scarf, posted by livnletlrn). It was such a pretty winter wonderland of a morning!

  5. Yep, been knitting on mine. I swear it’s the scarf that will not grow! Saturday I bought yarn for next year’s scarves. I’m NOT waiting until the last minute to contribute my offerings again. My knit group handed me three scarves last week, with more coming this week. Had our first snowfall last night. Looks lovely this morning. Have a good one, Carole!

  6. Great photos! That’s a great scarf. I got up to 60″ last night on mine and I plan to knit a couple more today before I block it. I had hoped to get another one knit, but unfortunately that’s not going to happen!

  7. You have more snow than we do! It makes everything more peaceful and beautiful. Another warm and very lovely scarf to light up someones winter. Very nice.

  8. I went to the yarn store and looked at red yarn but the color gives me a headache. Bummed because the project is something I would normally do. Maybe the next charity project will be in a color I can handle, like dark green…

    Mistake rib may be boring but the fabric it makes feels so good to wear — that will be someone’s very favorite scarf!

  9. I’ll have you know I have knit three red scarves and I’m about halfway through a fourth. Maybe I should say I’m on my fourth Red Scarf scarf, since only one of them is actually red.

    How come your Ultra Alpaca isn’t all over guard hair? It’s a lovely yarn and I love it, made the abovementioned red scarf from it, but (like all reasonably priced alpaca I’ve encountered) it has a little too much guard hair.

  10. I think that you have successfully discovered the perfect way to photograph the color red!
    This scarf is fabulous….. and great shots!

  11. LOVELY scarf! The snow is even more of a bonus than you mentioned, because it seems that white is E-S-S-E-N-T-I-A-L in order to digitally photograph red.

    So excellent, I want to wrap that one right around my neck right now, and that’s saying something, because there is certainly no shortage of scarves at my house. 🙂

  12. Next year I will plan to do some charity knitting – this year I need to get my mother-in-law’s Christmas quilt finished!

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