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What’s Up Wednesday?

The format for today’s post is blatantly stolen from Claudia. Here’s what’s happening with me this Wednesday:

santa hat ornament

Admiring: Our Christmas tree with it’s new LED lights.

Knitting: Bella’s Mittens. It’s my first time using Malabrigo. I like it but there were 2 knots in one skein. Boo.

Planning: Library Staff Christmas Luncheon. I usually buy everything but this year I’m making baked ziti and supplementing it with antipasto and meatballs from our local Italian restaurant. Can’t wait!

drying socks 09

Drying by the woodstove: Lots of clean hand knit socks.

Attending: Hannah’s Christmas concert at the school tonight. It’s her last one. Sob.

Procrastinating: The wrapping of Christmas presents. The tree is up and I feel compelled to put presents under it. And yet I have wrapped exactly nothing.

Listening to: Anonymous 4. I heard them on Sirius for the first time the other day and I love them. I especially like Can Wassel.

Baking: Cookies. Lots and lots of cookies.

What’s up with you today?

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  1. Man, that’s a lot of socks! Do you handwash in the sink or do you use the handwash cycle on the machine?
    What’s up? working and dreaming of two week Christmas vacation!

  2. That’s a cute Santa hat ornament! Steve is impressed by all your socks. 🙂 Enjoy the concert and everything else you have going on!

  3. You should put your house on the Christmas tour some year. Everything looks so homey. I can totally relate to how you feel about Hannah’s last concert. Music was such a big part of all my kid’s high school experiences. The good news is that maybe she will find some musical activity in college. Ryan played in a jazz band and there were many more wonderful concerts to attend. Enjoy !

  4. I love both of your pictures today. Love the little hat. I’ve done many little mitten ornaments in the past, and should maybe branch out to hats. Assuming I had any time, which I don’t.

  5. Beautiful socks. Today I am finishing a pair of stuffed slippers and staring Bellas mittens in kiwi green! All the books I ordered for the “greats” are in so after my Trustees meeting tonight I will get them wrapped. A quick stop at iparty over lunch and then on the Macy’s. I have to be all done by the family party on Saturday so next week will be a coast to the finish!

  6. Cookies and shopping here, too. You probably don’t want to hear about the $850 septic job that I’m having done this morning…..

  7. You’re inspiring! Baked the cookies the last two evenings, should wash the socks, TLP finishing finals – almost the end – sob! Finishing a pair of Fetchings for a workmate, wishing I could eat some of that lunch! Have a great day Carole.

  8. Love the ‘stockings hung by the chimney with care’ photo! You have such an eye 🙂 I also need to get on the wrapping wagon … I did a bunch, but they’re all in Afghanistan, so do they really count? Still nothing to put under the freshly-put-up-Christmas-tree! I remember the boys’ “last” Christmas concert … double sob! Please give her an extra hug & smooch from us & the girls, wish we could be there 🙂

  9. My stockings get hung every week. I wear all my handknit socks all winter long. Thank God for a woodstove I tell ya.

    Wrapping – none done here. Only the gifts that have to get mailed today. One little problem – I am still knitting one of the items that needs to get mailed. Will I ever learn? Should be done by noon though.

    Nicole’s first high school concert is tonight. And I am a bad mommy. Tonight is also the Christmas Spinning Party that we have been planning for 6 months. My daughter gave me a pass. She said “Mom – you have gone to every single thing I have sung at since I have been singing for 10 years. Go to your party. You deserve it.” I still feel the guilt though….

  10. Recovering from last night’s Red Hats’ Christmas dinner, working on Xmas Socks, and oh, yeah, working…
    LOVE the socks photo! And baked ziti sounds divine…

  11. Fun. I love that we all managed to come up with alliterations for the same idea. What kinds of cookies are you making? I haven’t made a single one! Probably should do that this weekend.

  12. I’m just trying to stay warm… Those Bella mittens would come in handy!

    I have to admit that some of my handknit socks have made successful trips through the washer and dryer, so I’m becoming less anal about hand washing them.

  13. I’ve used Malabrigo — love the colors and the softness – and I haven’t had knots, so don’t think that always happens. I love knitting with it! Love all your socks!!

  14. Finishing up a quilt tonight! Just have two rows of sashing to add.

    Love, love the socks photo…really beautiful socks!!!

  15. will ya lookie all dem socks! woot woot. you are amazing.

    and boo hoo about Hannah’s last christmas performance… I am right there with you, and know how much you will miss all the highscool fun stuff – but I absolutely promise that daughters and their worlds get better and better every year!

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