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Mittens And Mitts. Mitts And Mittens

It’s all about mittens and mitts here at Carole Knits – just like it is over at Martha’s place.

bellas mittens

There are Bella’s Mittens. These are for a certain Twilight fan who is quite near and dear to my heart. She loves pink, too. The yarn is Malabrigo Chunky and it’s not easy to knit that on size 8 needles, let me tell you. I have to practically stand on my head to manipulate the cables! But they will be warm and that’s the key because my girl’s hands are always cold.

merletto mitts

There are also Merletto Mitts. These are for a dear friend who isn’t expecting a thing. I’m using some ShibuiKnits that you may recognize because once upon a time it was a toe up sock.  Yeah, I frogged that toe up sock. The toe up part was just fine but the pattern itself was too big and I let it go. This is a much better use for the yarn anyway.

Once the Bella’s Mittens and Merletto Mitts are done I plan to cast on a pair of Susie’s Reading Mitts for another dear friend. This one is expecting something, though, so I need to get crackin.

I feel it prudent to now remind everyone that I don’t knit for Christmas. Really, I never do. So what the hell has gotten into me?

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  1. Ha! They all look great! I want to knit the Bella and Susie patterns. I have done and am doing no holiday knitting this year.

  2. Love those projects! You’re going to be knitting during this time anyway, so you might as well knit a few small gifts. I’m confident you can get them finished in time.

  3. The Bella’s Mittens are so quick and so are those Reading Mitts. You’ll get them done in a flash. Love that pink! Plan on any more mittens in January?

  4. I have an enormous mitten queue lined up and I guess in my head I am a more prodigious mitten knitter than in reality! But the Bella’s are soon to be real as I believe it will be the next small project I cast on. And I love the Reading Mitts pattern!

  5. I normally also do not do Christmas knitting, but for some strange reason, the “Christmas knitter-bug” bit me this year causing me to crank out hats and scarves at a crazy pace!!! Must have been a nasty bite!! 🙂

  6. I’m making some Bella’s, too, with some Misti Alpaca Chunky, and boy do I hear ya on the cables! Yikes, but they are going to be so warm and squishy — mine next! Thanks for hte Merletto Mitts link, those are lovely.

  7. Do you think perhaps, that in this funky freaky era of doing with less and reigning in spending that perhaps you’re thinking “a nice gift, from stash, made with heart” is much better than something “expensive and store-bought?”
    Or maybe you just feeling like doing some deadline knitting?

  8. Love both of the mitts, they look so warm and cozy! They’ll be keeping some friends nice and warm this Christmas 🙂 Colors are sooo pretty, each in their own way! I don’t know ’bout everyone, but I *adore* homemade/handmade gifts … there’s just something so personal about them. Anyone can buy a gift, but to receive a gift that was lovingly made by hand just proves that the person gifting loves you to pieces 🙂

  9. I think it’s the mitts… I don’t knit for Christmas either, but mitts just seem to call out. Loudly. I did a few last year, but this year baby Odessa is the only one receiving knitted gifts…thanks for the link to the reading mitts, I had forgotten how nice they look!

  10. I bought yarn for Bella mitts, then my girl decided to pass. Three skeins of Rowan Big Wool, oy! I like them in the pink. Too cheery for Bella, but wonderful your darling. I’m casting on for slippers as my red scarf knitting is complete. Guess I’ll be up felting when Santa comes down the chimney! My manta next year, “Christmas knitting will be finished by October!”

  11. Oh, I have got to get crackin on a pair opf mitts for my son’s girlfriend (not for Christmas though, that just won’t work….but what if I get started today?….so much knitting, so little time). They live in Northern Michigan and her hands are always cold when she reads…I think Susie’s REading Mitts miht be just the right thing! Thanks for the link.

  12. They both look like winners. I tried on a pair of those Bella mittens that someone else made – boy, were they warm! I may need to make a pair for myself one of these days.

  13. perfect mitts! all of them.
    and welcome to the knit-insanity of holiday knitting.. heh heh.. Glad you could join all the rest of us goofy pals 🙂

  14. The pink is enchanting! My Bellas are done and I wore them this morning – so warm and worth the torture of crossing those cables.

  15. My daughter has been bugging me for the Bella Mittens – I have never knitted mittens before so they look a bit advanced for me. Do you have a suggestion for a beginner mitten knitter??

  16. I don’t know Carol. But I suspect it is the great joy we get when we give a handknit to someone we just adore. Love the socks yarn into mitts yarn morph.

  17. I’m all about the warm hands these days too – but just hands, my girls like their fingers bare. I’m trying to come up with a great idea for Daria’s next pair.

  18. Must be the Christmas spirit… or the cold weather made you want to knit mitts and that even just happened to correspond with Christmas. Regardless, they’re all adorable and will be much appreciated, I’m sure.

  19. OMG! How have a missed Susie’s Reading Mitts? Those are gorgeous! I keep threatening to knit a pair of fingerless gloves for one of my ILL staff, who sits next to a freeing window – these may be it!

  20. LOVE the Bella’s Mitts pattern, and it’s free. I seldom make something more than once, but Bella has me in her grip – they’re quick, easy, and my daughters and their friends all want them. Haven’t gone pink yet, though! The mitts in the movie look quite bulky; my yarns have been a little less than bulky (the cables have been easy) and the only modification has been to do an extra pattern repeat on the hand.

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