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Another Movie Review

I’ve been sitting here on the couch, quite comfy, trying to convince myself to get up and get the camera. Then I could upload the photos I took of the last 3 days that we spent in Boston. I could talk about our mini-break and the places we went and the food we ate. Or I could just sit here and be lazy and not upload any pictures and talk about how we went to the movies again yesterday.

You can see by the lack of photo that the lazy blogger in me won out.

So yesterday we went to see Doubt. It was very different from Valkyrie, certainly, and it was very very good. Meryl Streep delivers a fabulous performance as a rigid and self-righteous nun. Amy Adams is fantastic as a confused but hopeful young nun. And Philip Seymour Hoffman does a terrific job portraying a priest who clearly loves his parish. The storyline itself is quite simple but the themes and emotions and conflicts are quite complex. I smell Oscar nominations.

Don’t have any doubts (get it? doubts? I crack myself up) and go see Doubt.

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  1. That one is high on my list. I’d love to see it in a theatre, but the way things have been going lately, will probably have to wait until it comes out on DVD (sigh).

  2. Another great review! I’d love to get off my couch too but we have “Dark Knight” on DVR so I guess that means I don’t have to!

  3. I’ve been wanting to see “Doubt,” since it looked like it was interesting, rather than stereotypical.

    We’ve seen “Slumdog Millionaire” and “Revolutionary Road,” both of which were very good.

  4. A good suggestion for me and my half marathon training buddy to go to on a girls day. We always try to hit 2 or 3 Oscar bait movies before nommination time. And Hubby – “No Doubt” he won’t go – too serious. Now I’m cracking myslef up! Happy New Year!

  5. I am interested in seeing this movie. However, my cinema experiences of late have been animated features with family. Maybe next time.

  6. Doubt is a movie that I would like to see. FYI Benjamin Buttons is a wonderful film, well acted, well scripted and the special effects is incredible. I do look forward to seeing your finished projects.

  7. I want to see this movie and Valkyrie as well. Somehow we never made it to the theatre over the holidays but this weekend might be just the right time!

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