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One Day Beret

Another day, another handknit. The level of production around here is downright disgusting. It’s nearing sweatshop conditions, I tell you. Okay, not really. Please remember that all these knitted things I’m showing you were finished over the last few months.

Today’s item is a great little beret designed by the fabulous Kirsten at Through the Loops. Can I just tell you – I want to knit everything she designs! Hats, mittens, sweaters, vests – I love them all.

So this beret is called the “One Day Beret” but that doesn’t really apply when you knit it with sock yarn. Which is what I did. Turns out, when you knit this with sock yarn, it’s actually a One Week Beret. All I can say is that it seemed like a good idea at the time. You see, there I was, standing in front of the yarn stash, holding up my red coat to see what would match. This Numma Numma Toasty in the color Bruschetta just jumped right off the shelf. It matched so perfectly that I didn’t give myself a chance to consider the consequences of a beret on size 2 needles – I just cast on immediately.

While I’m not much of a hat person, sometimes you just need a hat. And we’ve had a lot of those sometimes this winter – brrrrr – so I’m really glad I made myself this beret.

Can’t you tell by my smile? Or am I really thinking, hurry up and take the damn picture so I can go back in the house where it’s warm? You decide!

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  1. I’m thinking it was the latter expression, but only because you suggested it. The beret is darling, and indeed looks great with your coat!

    A hat really does make a difference when it’s cold out… I detest hat hair, but I love being warm!

  2. So, you have been holding back FO’s on us the past few months?! Shame on you… LOL!

    The hat looks fabulous! You are not a hat person???? You wouldn’t know… you look great in a beret!

  3. The hat looks beautiful (but with the oncoming cold weather this weekend, I bet not warm enough), and, more importantly, fabulous picture of you. A real keeper.

  4. Beautiful hat, and it’s a good color for you. Better you than me though, I’m not sure I’m up for a sock yarn hat at the moment, my head is GINORMOUS. Seriously.

  5. Either way – I love the picture! 🙂

    Looks like a great hat and perfect to throw on when it’s extra chilly outside, without being overly warm.

  6. So pretty! I love the beret with sock yarn… never would have thought of that. that beret is on my ‘to do’ list with some of my hand dyed yarn…. now, I am thinking…some of my sock yarn might be better.

    I’m not a hat person either. I’m knitting hats until I find one I like on my melon.

  7. Yeah – I am definitely seeing a “take the damn picture” expression there….

    Beret looks great. It will feel great too when it’s a big ole 10 degrees here on Friday! It’s supposed to get so cold!!!!

    Stay warm….

  8. great beret! For not being a hat person you suit it soo well, knit more hats 🙂
    I too would love to knit everything Kirsten comes out with all her patterns are soooo lovely.

  9. For not being a hat person…that hat looks fabulous on you! Love the colors.

    I love through the loops designs as well.

  10. That’s a nice photo, as well as a nice hat. And since you made (asked) your daughter to stand around outside modeling, isn’t it fair that you should be chilly?

  11. I would have never thought to knit a beret because I didn’t think they’d look good but yours turned out fab! The colors are perfect and really pop against the red coat. Now get back in the house – it’s going to be cold this week in NE!

  12. Hmm – so far Dale’s the only model who hasn’t had that “take the picture NOW because I’m freezing” look on his face.

  13. Oh, YAY….I can see your pictures again! Love the beret…that’s about the only style hat I can wear, and not as a traditional beret, either, but more like a slouch. Cool colors.

  14. Great photo of both the hat and the model. My guess would be that your thoughts were a combination of both 😉

  15. Just Lovely!! And I think you are liking the hat and working it in the photo! I do love the colors with your coat very much.

  16. You guys ALL need to sign with a modeling agency. I meant it. And the beret is fabulous. I completely agree about Through the Loops designs. I LOVE her.

  17. I, too, love Kirsten’s designs. At least the look of them, since I haven’t actually gotten off my butt to knit one of them yet. But it hadn’t occurred to me to do this beret in sock yarn, which, of course, is a brilliant idea. Thanks! (Btw, it’s such a cheery color for winter weather, and it looks great on you. Congrats!)

  18. It’s lovely even though you thought fingering weight yarn was the way to go. And it does look great with your red coat. I think I’m going to go over and check out all of those designs and maybe I’ll make myself a beret too – although not in sock yarn!

  19. Hat hair can be a pain – but I’ll take it when it comes to staying warm over being cold.

    Love the beret – and it looks wonderful on you! Your smile is contagious! And, you look stunning in the beret and coat!

  20. Hannah’s Revenge!

    That beret goes so well with your coat. You had to use that yarn, and it looks lovely on you. Well done!

  21. I know what *I* would be thinking, and I’m not going to tell you, as I respect your wish to maintain a family-friendly blog. I can tell you that my first thought on seeing the pic was “She knit that in **one day**? Truly, I am not worthy.” I’m glad you ‘fessed up to being human after all.

  22. It is a lovely hat. Personally, I look like something the cat left on the step when I wear a hat. Usually mussed, ragged, and slobbery. sigh

  23. Wow…it’s been a regular parade of FO’s! Good for you!!! Dale looks handsome in his cowl and you look great if not freezin in your beret 🙂

  24. I think that it is total delight at having made such a great beret (grins). love it and that last photo of you is certainly a keeper!!

  25. Very pretty! You look pretty darn good in a hat for not being a hat person.
    I’m feeling like such a slacker with all the FO’s around here!

  26. the yarn knit up really well as a beret. and it is a good match for your coat! we’ve had lots of hat-wearing days too, maybe because i think i can substitute a hat for my coat (at -40). otherwise hats make me overheat, although you wouldn’t know it by the hat patterns in my queue now!

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