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Happy 4th Blogiversary To Me

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Four years ago today, on a quiet Saturday at home, I started the Carole Knits blog. I can’t even imagine my life without it now. Writing this blog has brought me loads of new friends, allowed me to travel to new and exciting places, inspired me to knit more and knit better, given me the opportunity to learn new skills like spinning and crocheting and photography, and just expanded my life in ways I never even thought possible.

So, on this anniversary of my blog, I’d like to give something back to all of you. I’d like to give you all a chance to win a $25 gift certificate to kpixie.


Kpixie, in case you didn’t know it, is situated right in my own little town and I really believe in supporting local businesses – especially given our current economic situation. All you have to do to be entered in the contest is leave me a comment by 12 Noon my time on Monday, February 2, 2009.

Thanks for reading, thanks for commenting, thanks for being part of Carole Knits.

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  1. Happy blogiversary, you’re welcome, and I’ve learned something today: your blog is almost exactly a year older than mine.

  2. hey, congratulations! many happy returns of the day and all that 🙂 and thanks for spotlighting kpixie, i’ve heard of them but not really checked them out.

  3. Hey Carole – nothing like a contest to get me to delurk. I have been reading your blog for a long time and favorited your Bird in Hand mittens in Ravelry. I just love them. Happy Anniversary.

  4. Happy Blogaversary! I have learned so much from you – your blog has become a necessary part of my day. And of course you are partly responsible for my yielding to temptation and becoming a spinner.

  5. Happy Anniversary!

    Let’s see…for a blog, I think the fourth anniversary is….ummmm…oooh, pixels! Here, have a box from me.

  6. Four years! That’s a while – Guess I’ve been reading your blog for a bit of that time…

    Thank you for having a blog and letting me get to know you and learn from you. You are a wonderful friend!

  7. Thanks for always being there for me and caring when I went missing. I’m thankful every day that I can call you a friend and that we met over blogs and knitting.

  8. Happy Anniversary. Hope you continue for many more years. I recently found your blog and love all the projects and photos especially the Friday Eye Candy.

  9. Congratulations! I was glad to find someone sort of local to me (Worcester) out in blogland.

  10. Happy blogiversary, Carole! Which reminds me, that means, my blog turned four sometime in the last week, didn’t it? And I missed it!

    Glad to see that YOU, at least, are on top of things.

  11. Happy Blogiversary! Isn’t it weird how something like blogging really does open up a whole new universe?

    I hope you’ll stick around for a long time to come.

  12. I too would like to wish you a very happy blogiversary! Time goes by way too fast. You should celebrate by splurging on a special yarn!

  13. congrats girlfriend, hope you keep on blogging,i don’t know how you do it but each blog is better than the last. what a pro. luv ya

  14. Happy Blogiversary to you. And thank YOU for providing us with great reading. Yours is one of my favorite blogs Carole. And I’m glad I got to know you – in person And online!

    All the best……

  15. I’m a long time reader, a long time admirer, but only a first time commenter. I’m a novice knitter in awe of your knitting and daily posting. I just ‘started’ my own blog, but so far haven’t posted anything! How DO you do it? Congrats!

  16. Happy 4th Blogiversary – Yours was the very first blog I read because it was Carole Knits (I thought I had done something I didn’t know about). Especially when you mentioned Dale (also my husband, well not the same man, just the name). That was 2 yrs ago and yours is the first one I read daily, always interesting and uplifting. You are a lovely young woman (have a daughter your age, and she would approve of those adjectives to describe herself). Yes, we have many things in common, except our age, but I’m very young at heart. Heck, I even bought a Towny bike after I saw yours. Now we need some warm weather and less snow!
    Keep your blog going, it’s very beneficial.
    Thank, Carole (Ohio)

  17. Congrats, Carole!

    Great day to begin blogging! Is there something in the atmosphere on January 29th? Must be, because earlier today, during some quiet time in the afternoon, I succumbed to the blogging siren and started my own blog. How thrilling to find out now that we share a blogiversary date (I’m one of your silent, but regular readers)!

    I’m not going to link to my baby now because I want to make it all pretty before I invite visitors over. I’m a complete novice at webdesign, so I’ll probably be spending the weekend at it. Any tips to share?

  18. Of all days for me to be AFK. Happy Blogiversary, Carole, and thanks for the pleasure I get from reading your blog (almost) every day.

  19. happy blogiversary! it’s amazing what an effect this blog thing has had on our lives. and meeting you is definitely one of the highlights.

  20. Happy Blogiversary! I always love reading your blog and seeing what it is going on back East – it makes me miss home a little less. Congrats!

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