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A Winner. And Some Socks

We have a winner in the 4th Blogiversary Contest. There were 194 comments on the post and the random number generator chose comment #56. The winner is:


Congratulations, my friend. Look for that kpixie gift certificate in your email. Perhaps it will ease your return from the beauty and warmth of Hawaii to the harsh and cold of New England.

And now, for something completely different, how about some finished socks.


These are the Ampersand Socks, designed by Kerstin. (I told you I want to knit everything she designs. Apparently I’m well on my way.) The yarn is Socks That Rock Mediumweight in the color Fairgrounds. I’ve had this yarn in the stash for a good long time and decided that the bright colors were just the thing to counteract the snow and ice around here.


I knit them for my stepdaughter, Jessica. Really, I should knit socks for her more often as her feet are tiny. Her socks are finished at the point that mine (and Hannah’s) are only ready for the toe decreases. That makes for a pretty fast finished pair of socks – these came off the needles in less than a week.


The eye of partridge heel is lovely and this is the perfect match of yarn and pattern. I love them and, not surprisingly, so does Jessica.

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  1. And Kirsten is featured on my blog today, too. She does very good work and I want to knit all her designs too. The socks are lovely!

  2. Hurrah for Claudia!

    And oh, what lovely socks! Like a summer garden in your shoes.

    Which actually doesn’t sound that appealing when I think about it.

    But still…gorgeous socks!

  3. Nice socks! Love the pattern choice. I had that same colorway and have already knit it into plain stockinette – I couldn’t imagine what to do with it that wouldn’t compete with all those colors!

  4. Dude! Seriously? That really puts a positive spin on this morning for me (which, might I add, I sorely needed). Thanks so much!

  5. Love the socks! So bright and cheery! I love that pattern and have made it twice so far. It is perfect for medium weight str.

  6. Sorry I missed the Blogiversary. So busy at work and sick to boot! Oh yeah, love the boots too!

  7. Darn that Claudia! *shakes fist*. She has all the luck. First Hawaii and now Knit Pixie. I had my eye on that Art Yarn cashmere sock yarn. That’s what I get for planning ahead. Oh well – maybe next time. Great socks. The bright colors definitely make the gloom and the cold less daunting.

  8. Those socks are adorable…

    Question: is the heel on these the same as the one that we did for the mystery socks TTL for Socktoberfest? I was curious cause I didn’t know the name for the heel…

    I really like her sock patterns! I find them easy enough that I can follow them – and – challenging enough to keep me interested!

    And, congratulations to Claudia…

  9. I love those socks! I think that I have that yarn in my stash, and love it even more now that I’ve seen the socks. Might have to rearrange the queu a bit to work on something so nice and bright.

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