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Trekking Socks

I did a fair amount of sock knitting while traveling last week and as a result I have some finished socks to show you.


These are my Trekking Socks.  Remember this colorway?  It’s 100 – gotta love Trekking for the exciting color names – and a few years ago I think everyone was knitting socks with this particular color.  I’ve had it in my stash all this time and I figured it was about time I took the plunge with it. That, and I didn’t feel like winding a skein of yarn.

Honestly, though, Trekking (like Opal) wears like iron.  That’s a good thing since I really love these socks and plan on getting a lot of wear out of them.


The first place I wore them was SPA this weekend. As I may have said yesterday, it was really great to hang out with my peeps! Speaking of peeps, look what I bought this week:


It’s that time of year again.

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  1. Pretty socks!

    I don’t think I’ve seen the green peeps and is that orange under the yellow???? I love peeps.

  2. Great socks!! I love it when I don’t have to wind yarn…

    The colors of those peeps are just too cheery!

  3. ACK! I did ONE sock in Trekking 100 and never started the other. Time to dig out the UFO, methinks… yours are lovely.

  4. Thatsa lotta peeps. Don’t you like them better when they’ve hardened up a little bit? P.S. Lovely socks.

  5. I really like the colors of that trekking yarn. Nice socks. I haven’t ever seen pueple peeps.

  6. Love the socks. I, too, have socks in that colorway. I’ve made several socks for a (now ex) boyfriend holding two strands of different colorways of trekking together for a really neat effect.

    I passed by some peeps the other day and didn’t buy any. I don’t particularly like them, but I don’t particularly NOT like them either and seeing yours….I certainly wish I had bought them.

  7. Those socks are absolutely beautiful. The peep wars have begun in our house between father and son. Do you eat them stale?

  8. I love your socks! The colors are really great.

    Peeps are a “texture violation” for me so I don’t eat many of them. The rest of my family loves them and I’ll have to look for the special colors.

  9. Oh! I have two skeins of 100 tucked away and you’ve just reminded me of how much I love that colorway. Thanks. 🙂

  10. Since when do they make orange peeps???

    I like how your peeps match your socks. They look very comfy and warm. Definitely much needed with this cold weather lately.

  11. Love the socks! I have always loved that colorway but never bought it, I should see if it’s still available. Straight from Girl Scout cookies to Peep Season – the sugar pushers are working overtime!!!

  12. Love the socks!

    Did you ever try to make Peeps duel with toothpicks in the microwave?

  13. Love the socks. Peeps ahhh.. now you really got my attention. One of my favorite goodies in the Easter basket!

  14. I love the value of Trekking – you get so much yarn for the price. And it’s pretty easy to care for, so I find that I use it for gift socks – like for my brother. I bought some of their bamboo blend that I still need to try.

  15. Wow! Crayola colored peeps! Now orange and green too? I think you need to invite Kathy’s little guy over! I can so picture the look of awe on his face- totally priceless!

  16. I have never seen Orange Peeps…nice color! I love your socks. I’ve got a ball of Trekking 100 in the stash, maybe time to break it out and knit some socks. Nah. Gotta finish the other ones I’ve started first!

  17. What a terrific rainbow of color for this time of the year. They match that cool beret you were modeling not long ago!

  18. That is one of my favorite Trekking colorways.

    I only like Peeps when the package is cut open and they are left to go stale for a few weeks. Yummy!

  19. Nice socks! And good to know that the opal and trekking wear so well. Peeps!!! I saw valentine’s peeps, but that just seemed so wrong. I buy these and take them to the office, sometimes hiding a few here and there in the cabinets (the break room dish cabinets). I like them fresh & squishy, but my mom loves them stale, so I thought others might as well. They all think the peeps are disgusting… sugar and food coloring, but you know they never last long!

  20. Ah, sweet Trekking. it’s my favorite sock yarn. My 100 socks have black heels and toes, and I love them!

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