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The Beach in Winter

We had a warming trend over the weekend so we did what any self-respecting New Englander would do. We went to the beach.


You can’t really tell from this picture but we weren’t alone. There were lots of cars and people were out walking. There were even some kids in the water. They were wearing snow suits, but they were in the water just the same.


There were lots of seagulls, of course.


The fishing boats are abandoned and the atmosphere is very different than in the summer but I still think it’s beautiful. And it’s way more peaceful, too.

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  1. The warm weather this weekend was wonderful. We finally got rid of the ice on our driveways. I do wish we could have popped over to the beach though. It looks lovely.

  2. As you can tell from my blog name, I have salt water in my veins and live in the only landlocked New England state. (from Maine originally). I am so jealous as I would have been at the ocean this past weekend if I could have. I was trying to figure out where you were and thought I recognized the scenery until I saw the pic of the dock….does not look familiar.

  3. Those shots brought back memories…my parents had a place on the beach for years and I always loved winter walks! Love the first one.

  4. Well. We spent the warm day attempting to hack the ice off the front stairs – the UPS man mustn’t break a leg when he delivers my Fatbabies!

  5. Houston is 40 miles inland and the highway to Galveston is not fun, so I wuss out. Been twice in 12 years. My DD45 takes her youngest kids (13 an 8 )nearly every month. I grew up along the Atlantic coast, a short drive to any beach, but we didn’t go in the winter, more’s the pity.
    The pix are great! I really miss that smell…(and I am a sucker for sailing novels.)

  6. When it gets warm enough to dye outside, I will attempt to capture your ocean in a skein of yarn. I will fail, of course, but it will be worth the trying.

  7. What a great way to spend a day. It looks beautiful. I have yet to go to the beach in the winter…One day I want to go and see snow instead of sand on the beach…

  8. Great minds think alike! We went to Newport – my photos aren’t as nice as yours but I did post them – it only took me over an hour!

  9. wow, you captured such beautiful shades of blue in the water. someday i’ll live near the ocean, or at least have a brook through the backyard. there’s something soothing about water, how it’s always changing and always the same.

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