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Bathroom Remodel

We started redoing our bathroom back in October.  Nothing too major – a new toilet, new sink/vanity, new storage cabinet and lights, and some paint.  I kind of wanted to do a new floor but remember that nasty dentist bill I had?  That was the same day I was supposed to go pick out flooring.  So there was no floor because it wound up in my mouth.  It’s okay, though, because I’m really happy with everything else and I don’t even notice the floor now.

I took before pictures and everything and then I forgot to blog about this.  Whoops.  Luckily, Stephanie and I had a conversation last week that reminded me that I forgot.  And I couldn’t have remembered at a better time since I really had nothing else to talk about today.  Okay, enough words, how about some pictures?

This is before:


Our old sink was a corner style one with an oak base. Boring and awkward.


The walls were off-white.  Blah.  And we actually had a phone in there from back in the day.  When I say “we” I mean Dale because that was one of his decisions BC.  That’s Before Carole, in case you didn’t know.


I had stenciled this room when I first moved in over 12 years ago.  I guess stenciling was still popular then.  Now it makes me cringe.  And you can see the color samples on the wall here.

This is after:


Our new sink is white with a white bead board vanity and medicine cabinet.  The new light is so bright!  I can really see when I pluck my eyebrows these days.  Ahem.


This storage cabinet matches the other pieces.  And I love the new white curtain at the window.  We painted all the woodwork white, too.  So bright and cheerful!


The shower curtain isn’t new  -it’s actually where my color inspiration came from.  It reminds me of a mitered afghan, frankly, and all the colors are beautiful.  Orange and gold and green and even some blues and purples.

So that’s our new bathroom.  Yes, it’s orange.  Very very orange.  And we love it!  It’s COLOR and that’s what I want in my home these days.  No more neutrals!  No more boring!

Bring on the COLOR.

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  1. I think it looks fantastic. I had a mango-colored laundry room in our old house, and it was such a happy color.

  2. WOW – I love that color. And yes, it is perfect with the shower curtain 😉 And I completely agree- color everywhere is a good thing.

    (BC= Before Carole… hah hah hah hah that’s a good one! You two are so durned cute!)

  3. Wow, that is quite a transformation! I love the shower curtain, too, and all the colors that came out of it. Great job!

  4. It came out great Carole. Isn’t funny how one little item can be your color inspiration? I just love all your little baskets. Great way to store items.

  5. I’ve got two bathrooms that need to be redone. This gives me great inspiration! I need to get out there and shop and see what’s available, and now I will definitely have the time to do it, so I should just get on it. Love that color, and even just how it makes that print look so much better — it’s amazing!

  6. Fantastic remodel. I am all about the white woodwork with colored walls. Your bathroom now looks like that of a fine hotel.

    Maybe without the housekeeper, but still.


  7. We did our office in OSU (Oklahoma State) orange a couple of years ago. It had been a cold gray with a purple ceiling from the previous owners. We kept the ceiling…it’s a muted purple and it actually works with the orange. We love it and lots of things like pictures really look good against it. Know you’ll enjoy yours.

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