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The past 9 days have flown by and now it is time for the fun and games to come to an end.  Yes, the kids are going back to Florida today.  Sob.

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  1. You’ve had quite the fun and busy extended weekend. Too bad all good things come to an end. Hope they’ll be back soon!

  2. Good~byes are always hard….which is why I have always loved the word Adieu (until we meet again).

    I’m so glad you had this time to spend with them. 🙂

  3. It looks like you had a great time while they were here. Time goes so fast during those visits, doesn’t it? Hopefully there will be another visit soon!

  4. 🙁 Sorry the visit’s over already. Those happy visits go way too fast. I guess you’ll just have to start planning for the next one. Always looking ahead.

  5. I find it most difficult to be the person staying. Leaving has trip anticipation, immediate decisions. Remaining can be filled with melancholy. I hope it’s not too quiet now. Maybe it’s time to go see the new Star Trek??

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