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Thar Be Vikings!

This new grandson of Lois’ is getting more than just a Trellis sweater.  You see, Lois’ family, like mine, is of Nordic descent.  Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian – we’ve got it covered.  When the baby’s parents started joking around about naming him Leif (after Leif Erikson) I just knew I had to knit him this hat.


A Viking hat.  Now if ever there was a handknit that would benefit from having a cute model, this is it.  But alas, no babies of the right size presented themselves at the library yesterday.  You’ll just have to settle for grass shots.


I used some leftover Ella Rae classic for the rivets.  Aren’t they cute?  And I used Knitpicks Swish for the hat itself.


The horns were knit with leftover Knitpicks Bare from the Trellis sweater so this was an economical – and stash busting – hat.

I think it’s perfect to wear on a crusade to the new world.

Uff da!

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  1. Do the horns have to be stuffed to remain upright? Earflaps in place of the braids? (I couldn’t quite tell from the photos.)

  2. I love this hat!! I knit one for The Boy, but in Hubs’ hockey team’s colors. He wouldn’t keep it on.

    The Trellis is gorgeous too. Sorry I didn’t comment yesterday. Busy knitting…:)

  3. It’s probably a good thing there weren’t any babies at the library. I can see it now. “Excuse me lady, can I put this Viking hat on your baby? And then take pictures for my blog?”

    Although it truly is a shame not to see it modeled.

  4. I knit a pair of those hats for some very cute twins in my life. I love it. (and my niece looked stunning in the opera diva hat I knit for her-down to the cutie pie braids sticking out!)

    I love yours!!

  5. That’s hilarious!! If he has a sister, you’ll have to knit another hat with the long blonde braids.

  6. If I was a squeeler, I would totally squee right now. Since I’m not I will just sit here quietly in the face of awesome.

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