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Whirlwind Weekend

What a weekend!  5 parties in 3 days.  It was fun but it was tiring.

Friday night we went to a 40th birthday party.  Saturday morning I went to a baby shower – the Viking hat and Trellis sweater were both very well received.  Saturday afternoon we went to a high school graduation party for Hannah’s boyfriend and then later Saturday evening we went to a college graduation party for a friend’s son.  Sunday afternoon we went to yet another high school graduation party for the daughter of a friend at work.  Whew!

In between all the parties I found time to make 4 dozen graduation hat pops.

I followed the directions on Bakerella’s blog and they were pretty simple.  I don’t think putting the peanut butter cups in the freezer helped to keep the sides intact, though, and I didn’t wait long enough for them to thaw so I broked quite a few inserting the lollipop sticks.  Otherwise, they were pretty simple to make.  A bit fiddly but well worth the time and effort since they were such a hit at the two parties.


The blue and yellow ones were for Hannah’s boyfriend, Rob.


And the red ones were for my friend Amy’s daughter, Rose.

The kids got a real kick out of the treats.  They were taking pictures of them with their cell phones – and then they gobbled them up.

Hannah’s already adding up how many she wants me to make for her graduation next year.  Uh oh.

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  1. Just when I was thinking your baby shower knitting was the only gift you had to have ready for the weekend….

    Wow! I’ve never seen such pops before. No wonder they were a hit!

  2. Those pops are cute. I did see the graduation cupcakes on her blog, but I bet these are even more fun since the kids can pose with them a bit more easily. Too fun.

  3. Cool. You did a great job. I want to make some for my DD’s graduation next year.

    Our World Market just went out of business so I’ll have to keep an eye out for the Godiva squares elsewhere. I’ve never seen the candy that she used for the tassels.. I’ll have to look for that too.

    Did you stick yours in Styrofoam like the original blogger did? I bet Florist foam would work too.

  4. Those are so darn cute! Maybe I will attempt them for my daughter’s middle school grad in a couple of weeks.

  5. What a whirlwind weekend! Your energy is inspiring. No way could I pull of all those parties AND make the fabulous hat/tassel pops. You need a weekend to recover from your weekend. Way to go!

  6. Sounds like you had a fun week-end…even if it was tiring. Love the graduation pops!

    Oh, Hannah graduates next year??? WOW..

  7. Those are cool – y’know, it might be almost as easy to make peanut butter cups and insert the sticks before they get too solid.

  8. I love the graduation cap pops! Here’s hoping that the mental note I’ve made for myself sticks in my mind until Anders’s graduation next June.

  9. So cute! and with the peanut butter cups on the bottom, I’m sure there weren’t any left.

    Love that they all took cell phone pictures – has the world ever changed.

  10. you are so very clever. those are adorable.
    what a weekend you had – that’s a fairly amazing amount of parties, and you made it!!

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